Tuesday, August 15, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Web Time Wasters

Recorded live from Jons living room, Mark sent us his top ten list of ways to waste time whilst you are on the internet:-

Big apologies for the sound quality of today's show, with everyones kind donations we've brought a Samsung C01U - but its probably the worst microphone for podcasters we've ever found. Not only is it the worst microphone but its backed up by the worst customer support ever (non-existent to be precise). Today's show is very bad, we've had to scrap tomorrows as it was totally indecipherable. Podcaster? Don't buy Samsung.


Podcast Troubadour said...

I recently convinced a soon to be podcaster to purchase the other USB mic,the Snowball mic by Blue. I'm curious how it will compare to your dissappointing Samsung experience.

bryan-in-greece said...

lo Rob and Jon, I loved the footrot/frostbite moment, had a good laugh!!! Great to hear the lovely Luna on the show, how come I didn't get any apple pie with my coffee when I was there??? :-)

Top Of The Pods said...

Hope people can understand what we were saying, it sounded terrible!

Regarding the Solio, mine only charges around half way in cloudy weather. I just leave mine stuck to the back window of my car and it seems to charge ok. Still haven't manually charged the ipod apart from the 2 minutes it gets when it syncs every day, the rest has been solar! Don't think I;ve seen it go past three flashes yet, but it does the job.


bryan-in-greece said...

A Solio should work well here in Greece - I often wonder if just sticking my iRiver out in the sun on its own would charge it :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, i've been listening to the show for a few months now, keep up the great work.

I would send in a list but I haven't got any ideas right now :). In regards to the show some of the websites seem a bit dull, I'd put google and myspace right up at the top though.

Although I haven't been on it in awhile myheritage is a pretty fun web time-waster. But at the moment it only works with matching celebrities. And me and my girlfriend have often had opposite sexes matched up to us! It will kill a few hours experimenting with different pictures though. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the quality of that microphone is truly appalling, producing interference that sounded just like someone filling their face with apple pie throughout the podcast.

Anonymous said...

My fave Web site is Filmwise.com:


They show scenes of movies with the people taken out but the clothes and props, etc, left in. You have to guess the movie. Some are really easy; most are hard. All are fun!

Great show, guys! Jon, I could practically taste that apple pie.

Anonymous said...

yay aug 15th my birthday!!!!
good show but bad audio
from eleanor

Anonymous said...

That was comedy gold from Luna when she described the pie as black at the edges and uncooked in the middle, but "it's OK - Rob will eat it!". Poor old Rob - relegated to the role of dustbin for failed cooking (just like my Dad is) ;-)

It's no wonder 20Q didn't work out it was 'apple' - you said 'yes' when asked if it was a vegetable, and 'yes' when asked if it could be used to flavour foods... As the old IT adage went - GIGO )garbage in, garbage out) !!

That mic - for a very brief spell of a few secs you sounded fine, but for the rest of the show it sounded like it had been recorded from Skype. Hope you get a refund or a working version soon - you should get Luna on as a guest presenter when you're round at "Jonny's" !

Top Of The Pods said...

More shows to come, just recorded a new top ten show and a making of show which turned into more of a general chat show anyway. Should be up over the next couple of days on the gold feed. Thanks for bearing with us.

bryan-in-greece said...

Looking forward to the upcoming shows - will be beering (er... bearing) till then :-) Rob, my plans to head down to the seaside to get that stuff I mentioned I want to send you and Jon is on hold as the countryside surrounding village we go to is on fire at the moment (bit of a bugger), so patience, ok? It may be fire-damaged when it arrives!!!

Anonymous said...

this is cool