Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TOTP - Top Of The Pods Catchup Show

Three years on and we're back for more - this is a one-off catchup episode of Top Of The Pods finding out what's been happening in Peterborough, in Tel Aviv and in the news. Stay subscribed as we've got another episode in the can ready to roll soon. Got a top ten list that's been burning a hole in your pocket? Email us at and we'll read it out

We're currently sitting over at, the conversations are over on our official Top of the Pods Facebook page. Salut.


Matt & Anna said...

Glad to hear a new show!

james (@syzygy) said...

It's good to have you back, gents.


Top Of The Pods said...

thanks! good to be back!

Anonymous said...

YAY !!! Doing a long shift at work and thought I would listen to some old episodes and yay there are some new ones! Eeeeekkk