Tuesday, October 04, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Negative Things About The Music Industry

He's Sam, he's 14, he's male, he's from Reading and he's mad. He's mad about the music industry, and who isn't? They charge us English three times the amount that you pay anywhere else in the world for exactly the same load of old tosh:-

  • 10 - Unfair Advertising.
  • 9 - Multiple Greatest Hits Releases.
  • 8 - Reality TV Artists.
  • 7 - Flavour Of The Month Bands.
  • 6 - Great Bands, Rubbish Singer.
  • 5 - Scenesters.
  • 4 - Band Labelling.
  • 3 - The Same Sample/Drum Loop Used On Every Other Song.
  • 2 - High Prices For Downloads.
  • 1 - Image And Controversy.
The two very cheap legal music download web sites mentioned in the show are http://www.mp3search.ru/ and http://www.allofmp3.com/ - you can treat your mp3 player with the money you've saved with these services on some accessories from http://www.proporta.com/ using the coupon code TOTP10 with 10% off. How about a nice pouch, some new retractable headphones or a protective case?

For any Top Ten Google lists please email them to topofthepods@gmail.com and make sure you CC a copy to adsense-adclicks-uk@google.com - they are the google team that strive for control of the web and we are sure they want your feedback on how they can improve things even more. They certainly don't want Top of the Pods included on their internet though. Maybe that should be on your Google list?


Sam Smith said...

babyshambles is pete dochertys band (the prat thats going out with kate moss taking crack)

those russian sites dont give money to the artist, and its a loophole in the russian law that makes it legal is russia.its still illigal here, and as good as downloading it of soulseek/kazaa/bit torrent/whatever else.

writing this list really made me think why on earth i want to work in the music industry. hopefully, podcasting will stop (negative bad word that j+r would beep out) radio (like aciditypodcast.blogspot.com).

thanks J + R for reading the list, look forwars to hearing the 'jam'!

Anonymous said...

It's not true that sites like allofmp3 can be considered the same as kazaa \ bit torrent, as there's absolutely no chance of getting sued for using them. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allofmp3
for more details

Grant - Three From Leith said...

On the other hand, why not give your money to the many and varied podsafe artists out there instead ? They produce great music, they get all of the money you spend, and they really need your support and encouragement.

And they often provide FREE tracks (and sometimes even albums and EPs) on their sites.

What further encouragement do you need ? Pop over to www.threefromleith.blogspot.com and sample just a small selection of the music you COULD be buying.

(BTW Jon & Rob - as I always listen to you on my iRiver, the Surround experiment didn't mean anything. I have an antique PC at home that doesn't have surround either, so I couldn't even listen there, much though I wanted to try it out and hear Jon roar and laugh all around me !)

Bazza said...

Good show, I agree with most of that. Although I have admit I quite the shows like X-Factor, Fame Adacdemy, probably for the same reason I like Big Brother.

You're not going let that GoogleAd go are you? LOL It does says in the fine print that they'll remove it if it's abused. It's understandable, they could lose a lot of money otherwise.

Maybe it's time to forgive them? ;)

TomTheTrucker said...

Was it only me that seems to be agreeing with Jon on most things he said, e.g stealing from local music shop, waggin off schools lessons and sneaking away for a fag. Not one of my proudest moments but i dont regret it. Any way another great podcast Rob And The Big J.

Anonymous said...

grant - three from Leith, have you tried using the SRS (or WOW SRS) setting on the iRiver? - it seems to make the jingles really come alive on mine (it's an H340) in the latest programme...

Sam Smith said...

grant, everything you just said is 100% true. have you ever heard ROCKET CITY ROIT? search it on the podsafe music, there better than anything in the chance,m and they have just given the newtork there entire album. its amazing.

sparetomato said...

Nice list Sam,

I only ever listen to TOTP on my iPod anyway, so I didn't notice the 3D Technicolour, but I did notice Rob sounded a little crackly through my left earbud, it might be my headphones though, however music and so on is fine, and it wasn't happening all the time.

sparetomato said...

Thinking about it... 7 greatest hits for Kylie?

I've only seen two in the UK... however, the main culprit for multiple greatest hits has to be Meat Loaf... AND he is guilty of riding his whole career on the back of one song... that on his last album he included *AGAIN*! (And I do like Meatloaf, I've only bought one of his greatest hits albums though)

And while I'm ranting... I see Iron Maiden have released another live album... for a band that up until their 9th album only had one live album, they are now doing one studio album followed by a live album (containing one or two songs off the new album and the rest of the tracks being new recordings of live tracks on the previous live albums)

Sorry, I feel better now... must go and get coffee.

Anonymous said...

better late than never ! Just listened to this show - another great one boys, keep it up !

I live in Norwich ... I tried to come up with ten good reasons to live there but couldn't really find anything that great.... certainly not TEN things.

By the way - The Darkness come from Lowestoft not Norwich.

Did anyone ever send in their MP3's ?