Thursday, October 20, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things People Do The Day They Quit Their Job

New server, new show. Dion from South Africa knows a few people who have lost their jobs and confess what they do on their last day of work:-

  • 10 - Say sorry
  • 9 - Company expense account
  • 8 - Don't arrive for work
  • 7 - Exposing
  • 6 - Doughnuts!
  • 5 - Hot co-workers
  • 4 - Car seat peeing
  • 3 - Cheating workmates
  • 2 - Delete backups
  • 1 - Swear at the boss
We are in the process of moving all our archived shows over to libsyn which will take a few days, if you are missing any old ones then please refer to our website at and use the updated links on there.


Anonymous said...

Can you move the "Top 10 Reasons I don't smoke" over? I never got to hear it, and iTunes can't find it.

6620 West Kidcast

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

ditto to what mike said...
good luck with libsyn! x

Anonymous said...

Gah, Rob! Please, no more Lost spoilers! Heh.

Other than that, good show - the list seemed somewhat more tame than I was expecting from it's title, but since it was from a vicar and all...

Good to see shows back up!

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Yeah! I am so pleased that you guys did MY list!!! I have am downloading the MP3 at the moment. For some reason iTunes has not updated since Monday 17 October....

Keep up the great work!


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

I have now had a chance to listen to the show (iTunes has updated AT LAST - I guess that is one down side to living at the bottom end of the world... Even on the internet things take a while to get here!) One of the best ever (in my completely objective and humble opinion)... ;-)

The reason for the lack of carriage returns (and formatting - as mentioned in number 8) in the list, was that I wrote it entirely on the dinky little keyboard of my Treo 600 smart phone (sitting in a Wild Life park at Sabie, South Africa). The Lord only knows why such and idyllic setting would inspire such a vindictive list!

It was a lot of fun listening to it! You guys are my favourite podcasters! Always entertaining.

By the way Rob, it is not 'polite' when speaking to a Jewish person to refer to the Hebrew scriptures as the 'Old Testament'. Here's a bit of religious etiquette, in order to make such comparative statements (Old, verse New Testament) one should refer to the Hebrew scriptures at the Tanakh (pronounced Tanach or Tanech).... There we go, Religious tolerance class 101 complete. The test will be next week! Ha ha.

podcastpaul said...

awww pants... I just cannot do anything at the minute!

I'm in an internet cafe in Basingstoke and I'm so p'd off with my hoster - he's really - and I mean R E A L L Y let me down.

Could I suggest you boys work out just how long it takes you to transfer all your stuff over, and all the admin costs too. I'll do the same, as I intend to recoup all the lost time and stupid nonsense I've had.

Could you mail me with the cost of libsyn Jon / Rob?

Is it ok to use with blogger?

Cheers boys

See you.