Monday, October 17, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Hate About BMWs

SlamIdol Simon from the SlamIdol Podcast found at really doesn't like the BMW, when he isn't scoring exclusive podcasts with Steven Fry he is compiling his top ten hate lists about those pesky automobiles and their upper crust owners:-

  • 10 - Angel Eye Headlamps
  • 9 - M Sticker
  • 8 - Abusing their own numbering system
  • 7 - Ridiculously ugly coupes
  • 6 - 4x4's
  • 5 - Bulbous styling
  • 4 - Hijacking Bond films
  • 3 - Doing the mini better than Austin or Rover did
  • 2 - Holding a mobile driving
  • 1 - Tailgating
Also we mentioned another great Scottish music podcast presented by comments board regular Grant - he does the Three From Leith podcast found at


bryan-in-greece said...

Great to see you back lads, looking forward to hearing your dulcet tones again!

Simon said...

Hi guys, thanks for featuring my stuff.
Since you asked, I drive a Peugeot.
And in more Jew news, don't forget Stephen Fry is half Jewish!

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Arghhh ! There's something up with your servers as they're either not available or downloading at 5kbps and saying it'll take 8hrs to download the show.

Curses !! A TOTP drought then I can't get the new shopws when they appear :-(

Grant - Three From Leith said...

I tell a lie - downloading at 0.8kbps. I think the hamster they have running in a wheel to power the servers has keeled over and died....

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Thanks for the mention, guys. Good show too - enjoyed the Kipper or Kippur segment !!

Anonymous said...

being a car enthusiast and a mercedes fan...

i really appreciate this podcast. very sensible! hahaha...

i'm jomar, 12, from the philippines