Thursday, June 08, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Advancements That Have Happened In The Last Few Years

Alex, aged 11 thought long and hard about some of 10 best advancements mankind has made in recent years, here is the mp3:-

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*Remember that by calling us on skype you agree that we can record you for the show. So please don't say yes before and after the show, then contact us later on changing your mind (and also request a copy of the material to use on your show). For one thing its a pain in the neck to edit out the conversation and every back reference to it without ruining continuity, for another we really don't have time.


Anonymous said...

Ok, sorry, i get the picture

Top Of The Pods said...

Apple update
Apple have just sent over a replacement iPod (my last one didn't work). This replacement one doesnt work. Aghhhhhhhhhh! They are refusing a refund but have offered a replacement. I explained that they offered a replacement last time, this replacement doesnt work. I;ve wasted almost £300 on something that doenst work.

Anonymous said...

Just what exactly are you doing to them rob, to keep breaking them.

Grant - Three From Leith said...

I think they're winding you up for the fun of it....

See, my dislike of Apple is entirely justified. You've proved they're just shysters. Style over substance.

Repeat after me - I will NEVER buy anything Apple again. iRiver are my new friends... ;-)

Jes said...

Alex, loved your list, fabulous insight.

Rob & Jon, love you guys. This 'rubbish' episode is fabulous, especially the skype call with drunk- or stone-heads. The highlight: three spots of Jon and his travelin' ramblin' music.

Rob, got your message. I'm not leaving, but now I understand. How did the numbers slip? I do not have the slightest idea. Sorry to hear the replacement of the dead ipod series continues. Take up the offer or a store credit. produce live podcast/vidcast from apple stores. they use the auditorium where they give training courses for new users and procare customers for apps, hardware, etc.

Kates' mic must be located in her computer fan cause that's all I heard..hilarious. that's why I don't think i will ever send one. who knows?!

Jon, train the wifey so she doesn't go around looking like a n00b.

Anonymous said...



Funny show. The great thing about this show is it doesn't wear out...