Friday, July 28, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Lost Characters

Fans of the TV show Lost don't worry, no spoilers. We've been given a list today from superfan Miles from Bristol who has compiled his list of the Top Ten Lost Characters:-

If you are a Lost fan then we recommend the Delta Park Gets Lost (we talked about that comic book that Walt was reading - conspiracy theorists should read here and here and tell us what you make of it all).

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Anonymous said...

Finally! The first comment. Fantabulous! You guys are ascending ever higher!

Anonymous said...

I really loved this show because I really love Lost! Although there are some things we clearly don't agree on. Charlie Pace for instance I love but I am a bit bias as I'm a fan of the actor Dom Monaghan. I still think he's just a cute, funny, lovable audience favorite. I totally agree with jack being number one, he really carries the group in my opinion. Total hero in every way. I really hate locke though. really, really. I think he's a sneaky, selfish, heartless, egotistical, backstabbing, mentally deranged jerk. Although not central to the plot I quite liked boone as a character. Locke has a premonition of his death and yet still leads him to it anyway, pretending to be his friend, getting him killed, lying about it which made jack unable to help him, and then feeling no remorse and running off to have a fit because his stupid hatch didn't open. I call that cold blooded murder. "a sacrafice the island demanded" It's not up to him to play god and decide who lives or dies for his cause (conveniently it's never him). maybe there are just Jack people and Locke people and I'm a jack person all the way. Michael is boring first season, gets pretty interesting at the end of the second season. Walt I think does have a big role to play as does Hurley. Kate I think is alright but I don't think she appreciates all that Jack does for her. Kate should end up with Jack because, for all his bad boy charms, Sawyers's just not a nice guy. Although he is a great character for the show. I agree with this list for the most part but, just talking first season no spoilers, I'd switch charlie and michael, then drop john and add rose under claire. Sorry for the long comment but Lost is really something you can talk about for a long time. (hence ya'll's nearly 50 minute show, lol) I really enjoyed it, keep them coming!

Maja said...

Oh man, I was going to write a top 10 Lost characters list! But then I kinda forgot ... Looking forward to this guy's list, anyway. Good idea with the new TOTP Gold feed btw, I still have some old shows to get through.

Anonymous said...

rob and jon

quick question do you both still use second life?


Bazza said...

I think Sun should have been in the list.

Maja said...

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, if that's where the first guy on the audio comments said he was from.

Bazza said...

I joined second life the other day. Today I was at a place called Awesometastic and I was dancing around in a church on my own. LOL

Anonymous said...

i live lost!
the list was ok but john locke should have been around 5 NOT 2!!!
Just wondeing why shanon wasn't on the list she was sort of a main character in the 1st season and most the guys i know liked her lol
cyaz!!! (from a major lost fan!)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Locke is THE best character. thing for the future. People on the beach are in hell. The "others" are in heaven. Getting abducted = salvation

Anonymous said...

I agree too that Locke is probably the best character in the show, but I must also say that I hate him! He does my nut.

Sayid and Sawyer rock for me.


JH said...

Thanks for not spoiling season 2 for us....

I am NOT a Jack person. He is a typical surgeon - act first and think later. Way too full of himself.

I like Locke, but Hurley is my fave, DUDE!

Season 2 comes out over here Sept 5... we'll likely have the whole set watched in a few days.

Thanks for another great show!


Anonymous said...

I personally think that saheed shud have been number 2 and locke should have been 1 i cant believe jack was number one, i think his character is 2 bland, i also think they shud put a big twist in jack so he has a bad side 2 him when i first saw lost i thought yehh hes real hot but thats all he is....Boring! LOL. and eko is a brilliant actor!

ruby :)

Courtney said...

this show is really great because, it good. there are somethings that i dont like. like when charlie died, and that guy with the eye patch never dieing. it's actuly a little stupid. other that that i love the show. my favoutite charictor is charlie because i charlie. then it's desmend. i dont like jon because he's a mean. ben i also mean but i think he is backstabing jack.

Anonymous said...

The list should have been..
1)SAWYER no wonder he's always no 1 when it comes to ''Who's your fav Lost character an certainly most ''likable'' than that geek Jack
2)mr EKO great chrctr sorry he's dead
3)LOCKE rules
4)SAYID very clever
5)HURLEY very funny
6)KATE though I envy her for being with Sawyer
7)Ben crucial role for the plot
8)Charlie sacrificed himself
9)Shannon I think she was the most beautiful there
10)Desmond for his funny acsent