Sunday, July 02, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things I Wish I Could Do But Are Mostly Impossible

Keri longs for so many impossible things, so she wrote down the 10 most important ones for todays show as a kind of wish list. We couldn't help her, but if anyone listening can then get in touch to

It was one of those shows where we talked about Lost (don't worry - no spoilers). Rob recommended a fan podcast called Deltapark Gets Lost, so subscribe and work your way through the archives (check which episodes you listen to depending on how far you are in the series).


Jes said...

oops. bad connection...

glad to hear your voices on a new cast guys. forget about all the hoopla!! you've got lives, but did the numbers jump as usual?

that's what matters...

love ya!!

BlueJackA said...

Downloading it as i type, thank you Keri for the list and both to ron n jon for podcasting the list!! :-)

edmarriner said...

Just sitting here at my computer when my rss reader pops up a little box. A big grin tokeover my face when saw it was a new show from TOTP!

Cant wait to listn to it :D

Joe said...

Dear Rob and Jon,

I think you're great, please ignore the haters. (Thats what delete buttons were made for)

Another Top show!


Adam Smith said...

We still love you!!
^^ Beautiful Listener :P

Deanedogdude said...

First post again! Sweet! Anywho, watch for my review of the TOTP podcast on my new podcast review podcast at coming soon.

PH said...

If I had to look up in the dictionary what a podcast was all about...I would see you guys defined.
You are the reason we are into podcasting, period.
And I mean that, without reservation.
Excellent show.
Exactly what we want to hear,
More inspiration.
Once a week with this, and we are happy, dudes.
You guys are *that* good as far as we are concerned.
Please, keep it up.
I can't name a better podcast.
And I am not kissing a** here. I am serious.

Allison said...

Top ten things I wish John and Rob could do but it is impossible....Make a top ten show on a more regular basis...I'm going to stop paying for these shows if somethin isn't done to speed things up..(kidding...kidding...)I think it is time for Hank and Eugene to step up and take over for at least one show! By the way, where are Hank and Eugene? Howdy Howdy.

Bazza said...

Excellent list Keri, and top show guys. :)

I would recommend learning Chinese, it's a very beautiful language and actually quite simple, it doesn't really have gender or tenses, so the words don't change, except for the occasional suffix. Only trouble is, it's completely different to English, so it takes a while to remember everything.

I think a possible alternative to teleportation could be the use of personal wormholes. Less chance to messed up on the way through. ;)

As for invisibility, theorically I think you could make something invisible by just increasing the gaps between the atoms, to allow all the light particles to just pass straight through. It's probably not that easy to do to a living thing though. Alteratively you just bend light around you in a similar to Predator.

And Jon here a list of metric prefixes for you:
So after terabyte you'd have petabyte, then exabyte, then zetabyte and then yottabyte.

cucmc2 said...

Listening to it now - You guys are really great! And don't forget to place your vote at Podcast Alley!


Anonymous said...

Great show and great list! Thanks to Rob, Jon, and Keri. And I agree, everything is better with sparkles.

bryan-in-greece said...

Excellent show, lads, and great list, Keri...! Ah yes, "The Fly" - what a weird (and yet at the same time superb) film that was - I remember sitting in a tiny thrown-together village cinema in Talloires, a village in the foothills of the French Alps where I was working in 1987, watching Jeff Goldblum (as Seth Brundle) be transported a few metres, along with a housefly, and metamorphose into Brundlefly, with huge stiff hairs growing out of his back, and his girlfriend wondering what they were... And then when he attacked some bloke by puking up on him whatever acidic gunk it is flies vomit down their proboscis onto their next meal, and the victim watched his arm dissolve... I still have the nightmares... :-) I wonder how the fly felt about being metamorphosed into a human?

BlueJackA said...

Summers here and another excellent show, i remember last summer driving along the south coast listening to TOTP's it was great and with the sun out and the heat bearing down again it feels like ive rewinded 12 months. So well done guys for still being here 12 months on :-)

Anonymous said...

jes said....

glad to hear your voices on a new cast guys. forget about all the hoopla!! you've got lives, but did the numbers jump as usual?

shurely some mistake!

Anonymous said...


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