Saturday, July 29, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Pointless DVD Extras

Rob got so fed up with paying for all those silly extras that come on DVD discs that he wrote a listed ten of them to present on todays show:-

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Anonymous said...

kl another show to help me through another boring work day!

Anonymous said...

unedited use of the word d***head nice one, its TOTP RAW!

Anonymous said...

Jon what r u on m8 Superman is cool the only dig I have with the new film is Lois Lane, she was poor, im not gonna plug our site again but we reviewed it on our latest ep


Anonymous said...

12a means must be acompanied by an adult!


Anonymous said...

A Saturday release? Brilliant!! Made my
day!! Thanks, Rob & Jon.

Anonymous said...

More Top of the Pods, just what the doctor ordered.

LEM said...

Thanks, Bazza, for putting up that link to the toob (and for setting it up). It really is a fun way to comment.

The boys will undoubtedly be too shy to say it, but there's an interview with them in the August issue of Podcast User Magazine. Look for the "Inside the Podcaster's Studio" feature, hosted by TotalPodcastrophe's own Paul and Judy. Interesting pics of the TOTP lads, too. Check it out at on August 1.

Anonymous said...

So true, they always get me with that extra disk of "special features" and it's always pointless. You are right about the LOTR dvds though, especially the extended editions, really good stuff. great show guys!

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Ooooo.... I reckon you're missing some excellent 'Making Of' extras and Director's Commentaries by just not watching them. Yes, some are a pile of pants yet others are fantastic.

Easter Eggs can be great too if they're well done. The League Of Gentlemen DVDs are always excellent for them - you get things like Steve Pemberton's video diary of the filming of the series.

I think you're just too quick to put them down - but perhaps it's because you have such low-brow taste in films ;-P They'll always have awful extras. What do you expect when the films are as bad ?! Heh heh.

I'm off to don my tin hat now in anticipation of a roasting ;-)

alex said...

Hi just one i think you missed (but if you didnt its my memory then). The deleted sceens on dvd's why is a sceen that wass usely too bad or pointless or just not good enought to be inb the film worth paying extra mobney for when buying a sepecill edition dvd?

Grant - Three From Leith said...


Deleted scenes aren't usually pointless or too bad; when they come to edit the film and the studio's pressuring the director to bring the film in under a certain length, they end up having to lose scenes to cut the running time. This will mean that they cut scenes which have no material effect on the storyline or narrative, though the director will have considered them important enough to have had them in the film in the first place. They put them on the DVD so you can see what was part of the director's original vision. Often these scenes get cut back into the film to give the Director's Cut.



LEM said...
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LEM said...

So now we have two comment threads, one here and one here (stretch the window to see the whole URL for copying into your browser):

Comments on deleted scenes, conjecture on why Jon likes trailers, and more!

buttercupboxer said...

american movie ratings are : G, PG, PG13, R, NC17 and X.

love the top's gold. very retro.
I didn't think Superman was great, but not bad either.

Hey guys, here's a thought: weren't New Wavers then Grungers, the Emo's of their time? I remember being depressed, dressed in black listening to depeche mode/the cure. Then later being depressed, listening to Smashing Pumpkins and dressed in torn clothes. How's that different from Emo life now?

might make an intersting list. emos before Emos