Thursday, August 03, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons Why Action Movies Are Better Than Real Life

Thanks to A Champion for todays show about why we all prefer action movies compared to our everyday lives:-

  • 10 - Straight forward
  • 9 - Good slogans
  • 8 - Cool minions
  • 7 - Gadgets
  • 6 - Death
  • 5 - Blowing up world
  • 4 - Good things never happen
  • 3 - Good looks
  • 2 - Hero cannot die
  • 1 - Good guy gets the girl

As we mentioned in the show, gadget lovers should seriously think about investing in a Solio - get some money off yours with Firebox and Top Of The Pods and get charging!

Thanks to everyone who has donated some money towards buying some recording kit to do shows round at Jons house, we still need a few more pounds yet so if you'd like to help us produce more shows per week then click the Paypal button on the site.


Anonymous said...

I loved the show!

Anonymous said...

Wow, new shows all the time now! I'm excited! I can't wait for "Rob Returns with Justice." lol.

Anonymous said...

The solio looks incredible!!! but what tip would u need 4 a psp???

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of my Top of the Pods.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bazza