Wednesday, July 26, 2006

TOTP - Top Of The Pods Gold

Today we announce the launch of Top Of The Pods Gold. You wanted access to our old shows so we've started putting them all back up again on the server. If you've recently started listening then you can subscribe to Top Of The Pods Gold and build up your collection of all the old shows that you've missed. We've even put a handful up already to get you started, and from now on there will be an oldie released every day. Even if you are an avid fan there may be a show which you may have missed, there might even be the odd treat hidden away in the feed too - so get subscribing now!

Click here to subscribe using iTunes or manually use

Repost due to iTunes problems - original feed comments here.


Anonymous said...

that makin of podcast was wicked, sorry if it sounds kinda pushy but ithink u two should relaese a video of u two talkin bout it, like a video documentary, i know Rob is afraid of the camera but i think it would b cool and i think us fans who have listened from the very beginning would really love it, newayz TOTPG (which sounds cool by the way) is cool, keep on goin with the making of podcasts cos they're seriously interestin. Laterz

Anonymous said...

GUYS don't ever listen to the hate you ever get I love your show.

Anonymous said...

i am offically totpg's 5th subscriber

nice promo by the way guy

do you mind if we use it on our show?


Anonymous said...

guys, this is FANTASTIC! it's just what i've always wanted! it's better than christmas! i'm going to get all i can! i can hardly believe it!

alex said...

Greeat idear with this just listing to the erly episods listing to the first oine now and it was bad back then. But Youve hit the main streem now buy doinmg as the big media has bee doing for ages and chucking out reapets (is that the first repest podcast out therir?) Anmyawy al you need now is some cheep reality audition show (i surgest pod idol) and Youll have ITV quaking in therir boots.

Top Of The Pods said...

Alex, we had so many requests for the old shows that we just migrated all of them up to the new server - the best way to get them out is to issue a new feed to listeners. Sorry if you see it is repeats - it was just supply and demand from people.

As for the podidol suggestion, there were a couple of guys who thought of that idea before they plumped on doing a top ten list show instead. They even registered a domain name, I wonder what they'll do with that.



Anonymous said...

One comment I would like to leave, as anonymous, is I think quite important.

Considering that you have put the original date onto the podcasts - which is nice - the "making of" podcast overrides auto update - which isn't nice.

To clarify, since the date on the "making of" podcast is so recent, the other podcasts do not auto update when it is set to update most recent episode only. I have it on this setting, amongst other reasons, because iTunes insists on going weird and finding some podcasts i have and saying i need them again, and I do not want to download them again.

Actually, this is probably less advice for you, and more advice for me. What can be done to fix this? On your side or mine...obviously if I listen to the "making of" and then delete it, it will just arrive again in the updates. Thanks for the old shows, always wondered why you never made the feed include the entire back history ;)

Top Of The Pods said...

Good point raised. I'll knock the date back on the 'making of' show to make sure this doesn't happen again and just sits alongside the other shows. The reason for not putting the shows on the original feed was because feedburner / itunes have a 200k limit - with all the show notes the feed was becoming bulky beyond around 40 shouws - this way the new feed is very minimal, enough for itunes to get the enclosure and thats it.

Thanks for the tip, I'll just go and fix it!


mark - said...

This is a fantastic idea and again shows why ToTP is the best Brit podcast.

And it's great having these old shows again, many of whom I heard for the first time while recovering in the garden from an alchoholic episode* last summer.

*this is the official story propagated by ToTP

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for the result on that. Couple of thoughts as well. Just wanted to point out that, at the time of writing (11:20am GMT) the iTunes feed hasn't quite been sorted. Then again iTunes feeds are stupid. Oddly, both the libsyn and feedburner feeds seem to be altered. Just wondered why iTunes doesn't get the feeds right; this is more of a general question than anything because it just seems almost slightly buggy.

Another thing, surely if I subscribe using the iTunes link, then the arrow next to the title "Top of the Pods Gold", the one that takes you to the feed, should surely take you to the iTunes feed in the iTunes program, not an external website, which would be fine if you subscribed from an external website, but can get confusing when the actual iTunes feed is different from the feed the arrow takes you to. I'm being long-winded i know, but I write as I think, annoying as that is.

Final thing, and possibly least important, is why not just have the "making of" episodes on the main feed? Is it to do with bandwidth or to do with attracting people who have already heard old episodes to subscribe because of extras. Like buying a DVD of a film you have seen for the extras. It would certainly solve the date problems because of course any new "making of" episodes, if given an early date, will also not be auto updated. Hmmm, i should probably listen to the "making of" episode, having talked about it too much.

Oooh, actually, I could be talking to a good audience here. Does anyone do Excel vba here and can anyone tell me how to compare two selections of data for duplicates, i.e. data that appears in both selections, not data that appears in one selection twice. It's really bugging me that I don't know what to search for in google to find it out.

Anonymous said...

Follow up: 11:54 - iTunes feed is updated, alll is good.

Anonymous said...

Gold!?! More like brass...