Wednesday, July 12, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Cartoon Totty

Rowley from The DarkCompass Podcast provided the list for todays show. His list combines cartoons and totty and might be deemed rather rude for some of our younger audience:-

Keep those lists coming into and those audio comments coming over to Evoca.


Anonymous said...

hi guys loving your work, just to let you know we mentioned you on our ltest podcast, episode 6 hear it here ---->

Keep up the great work

you inspired us

aaron and joe
(dunecliftcooper and winkybiter)

Anonymous said...

That tune you were whistling was Balamory. The fact I know this makes me feel daft and awkard, thanks for that.. I guess.

Anonymous said...

Everybody, Everyone,
Come inside and join the fun.

I'm a parent, that's my excuse!

Alex said...

Quarry is the word u r looking 4.

buttercupboxer said...

For lots of cartoony information go here:

it's like, but for cartoons and such.

thanks for another great show fellas.

Ro said...

Oh man, that was weird.
I did get a lot of riddcule when I was a kid with both RoLAND from Grange Hill and Roland Rat.
But that has all passed now, it's always nice to go down memory lane and remember that your childhood was scarred by popular television.
No, only kidding guys :)))
Goog to hear one of my Top Tens, a ot more coming soon, I've found a book of lists which will be inspiration for some forthcoming TopTens.


Joe said...

Rowley, you're strange/cool I love the list!

Kinda weird to be attracted to cartoon characters (Even worse that the number one isn't human!). No Daphne from Scooby Doo?

Unknown said...

I always liked the "Teen Angels" from Captain Caveman!!!

Ro said...

Jessica Rabbits human, she's married to Roger. Just do a Google images search on her, you'll know why.

Anonymous said...

Why the heck is anyone attracted to cartoon charachters??? I mean they're drawn and animated - now I'm not bad at drawin and I draw alot of cartoons with biiiiiiig boobs and yet - funnily enough - i am not remotely attracted to 'em!!!

Anonymous said...

A hilarious, yet disturbing, list. Being from America, however, I was a bit confused when I saw the title. I'm afriad the term "totty" hasn't crossed the ocean yet. Of course, it was all made clear when I started listening. Though I don't know if I can think about my favorite childhood cartoons the same way ever again.

mark - said...

the tune jon couldn't get was josie jump's song from balamory