Tuesday, July 04, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Most Influential Rap Records In History

Rob apologies profusly for the choice of songs on todays 4th of July rap music show:-

Check out the state of these guys we mentioned on the show.
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bryan-in-greece said...

Hey, no Kurtis Blow with "Christmas Rap" (about 1978)???? Just listening to the show now but couldn't resist looking at the spoilers... "Twas the night before Christmas and all throughout the house..." Classic! :-)

Anonymous said...

Here's some video links for your perusal...

#10: Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Hmm ... must have been late in the day to chose this one?

#9: Salt-n-Pepa - Push It
A good dance-floor filler!

#8: Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Wee Rule
I remember this from my youth, and it really is shit.

#7: Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
He died in a car crash you know...

#6: Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right
Every schoolboy's anthem.

#5: Wham! - Wham Rap (Enjoy What You Do)
I liked this! Great "story" video too.

#4: Grandmaster Flash - White Lines

#3: MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
Samples Rick James' "Superfreak"

#2: Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight
The one that started it all! Samples Chic's Good Times

#1: MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Holiday Rap
I swear this is Sacha Baron Cohen practising an early Ali G and Borat impersonation!

And if you like those, try this link with hundreds of 80s video links in it:

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a list guys, though I gotta say some essential bands/tunes were left out. In no particular order:

1. RUN DMC/Aerosmith - Walk this way. Rap/Rock collaberation brought rap into the mainstream.

2. NWA - Straigh outta Compton - Rap with attitude. Start of gangsta rap. Shocked middle class america and caused a FBI investiagtion.

3. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby - Ran along side MC Hammer in the sell out commercial age of rap.

4. 2Pac - Hit 'em up - If I remember correctly, this song was the start of the East/West Coast battle of gangs/artist when 2pac slept with the wife (Faith Evans) of his friend/rival, The Notorious BIG

Other rappers/rap bands worth a mention for being influential are:

De La Soul - Dawning of the daisy age, creating the Native Tongues Posse which included such other artist as A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers.

Public Enemy - Political, controversial.


bryan-in-greece said...

Now I am really beginning to feel my age...!!! :-) Roy Orbison must have done a rap at some point, or is that just wishful thinking??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great list!! Loved this one!

Anonymous said...

didn't know half the songs but great show all the same!!

Anonymous said...



Johnobrow said...

Anyone interested in buying a parachute? Used only once, never opened, small stain, no strings attached.

Anonymous said...

I feel shame for you both that you left out "Do the Bart Man" By Bart Simpson.

Seriously good show though and if you think Tim was jumping up and down, I nearly shouted something at you two very loudly on a packed train to work. Well, not at you cause you weren't there...and stuff but yeah...

Scott x

Anonymous said...

You live your life in the songs you hear
On the rock and roll radio.

Anonymous said...

Top 100 Hip-hop/Rap singles of all time:


Joe said...

Come on!
Not including...
Run DMC vs Aerosmith - "Walk This Way"

Shirley there's shum mishtake!

Anyway another great show.

mark - tartanstories.com said...

The number one rap song on the list...was one of the first singles I ever bought.

I was so hip.

Anonymous said...

That top ten list is a load of pap!! Number 11 - Puff Daddy?? You're having a laff. And honestly, how on earth can any list with Number 24-Bonz, Thugz & Harmoney-Crossroads be taken seriously.

It cant.


Anonymous said...

Any record by Tupac was influental. When Tupac was alive, you saw his face on MTV everyday and heard his music thumping everywhere and saw him on the news on a regular basis. He transformed hip hop and rap. Thanks greatly in part to Tupac, Hip hop today is an incredible force upon American youth and even beyond on a global level. Hip hop and rap has created entirely new industries such as the hip hop jewelry genre, upgraded the look of the common drinking cup to the majestic looking pimp cups, has virtually created a new and expanding language, and have even affected the automotive industry with such bold customizations as large spinning bling bling wheels and transformed fashion and clothing in an unprecedented way and so much more. Hip hop is no doubt way more influential and powerful than rock and roll. Word to your mother.