Saturday, October 01, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Misconceptions About Australia

This one goes out to Leanne, a workmate of Klaus - the ten things that the rest of the world gets wrong about those lovely Australians:-

  • 10 - The fastest sport in Australia are the koala-bear-races
  • 9 - Kangaroos are used as shopping bags
  • 8 - All men are named Bruce
  • 7 - Every Australian person has its own sheep farm
  • 6 - Instead of formal elections a didgeridoo-contest is held - the winner will be the prime-minister
  • 5 - They have only one category of driving license that includes small planes and road trains
  • 4 - Their army is equipped only with boomerangs
  • 3 - The land is completely flat except Ayers rock
  • 2 - Australia is still a colony of convicts
  • 1 - Australia is a separate continent because they have no real friends
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Anonymous said...

thanks for producing the list - and I do not fancy her :-)

Sam Smith said...

mondays show....

ther a person down my road that calls me bruce. i dont even think hes australian thought....