Monday, January 09, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Daily Annoyances

Jon and Rob are both back from their festive break to bring you Simon's Top Ten Daily Annoyances (mp3 file). These are things that got on Simon's nerves so much that he emailed with his list:-

  • 10 - Lawn long
  • 9 - Wheelie bin full
  • 8 - Window adverts
  • 7 - Partner TV chats
  • 6 - Car indicators
  • 5 - Washing up
  • 4 - Motorway service coffee machines
  • 3 - No toilet paper
  • 2 - Going back out for milk and bread
  • 1 - Overtake then slow down

We also do some late Christmas present opening and a special truck related transportation quiz at the end of today's show. Do us a favour and email us some audio comments to


bryan-in-greece said...

YARROOOOO!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Heaven! I'm in Heaven! The dulcet tones of Jon and Rob were greatly missed. Welcome back!!

Anonymous said...

welcome back guys...cheers, owen

DrewMG said...

Daily annoyances were never more welcome.

Molly said...

Rob, your quizzes are the most entertaining thing invented this century. Great show, guys!

Anonymous said...

At last the return of the gruesome twosome. Welcome back guys keep them coming.

bryan-in-greece said...

Isn't Daf the official name of Daffy Duck too? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I'm a new listener, been going through the archives and listening to the old shows, but it's great to see a new list - keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back mates!

6620 West Kidcast

Sam Smith said...

excellent! duck or truck!

welcome back both of you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, lads. Podcast alley, here I come.

Anonymous said...

I nearly choked on my vegemite when I noticed a new top of the pods episode being downloaded...I'd almost given up daring to hope

Welcome back guys

Jes said...

Wow! Thought my bifocals had me seeing triples of the Dec 7th show. Two shows in less than two days?! What a gift! Rob's really squirmy about Jon delving into his personal life. What are you hiding? It's the little bits of personal info that connects us to you as a human. We return to listen even after over a month of old worn-out casts that we've listened to and know by heart. Jon you almost lost it on that steamer bird. Don't forget the Peterbilt's Jon.