Tuesday, November 08, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Barry Pepper Films

Its a movie list today which has kindly been supplied by Roger from Guildford. He's a big fan of the film star Barry Pepper and has graciously compiled his favourite ten movies:-

  • 10 - Titanic the TV series
  • 9 - 25th Hour
  • 8 - We Were Soldiers
  • 7 - Saving Private Ryan
  • 6 - The Dale Earnhart Story
  • 5 - The Green Mile
  • 4 - Enemy of the State
  • 3 - Knockaround Guys
  • 2 - Snowwalker
  • 1 - Battlefield Earth

If you'd like to send us your list then email topofthepods@gmail.com, full instructions are on our site at www.topofthepods.com.


Anonymous said...

That was amazing!

The funniest episode for ages.
That bit about the nice hands almost knocked me off my chair.

Molly said...

Never start doing research, guys. The funniest episodes are the ones where you have no idea what you're talking about. I almost spilled my tea a couple of times I was laughing so much.

p.s. You're very welcome.
p.p.s. Look! I got a blogger account!

Anonymous said...

Barry pepper's from campbell river in Canada very close to vancouver

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure thats a joke list, he is an awful actor. Battlefeild earth is an atrocious film. The snow walker is actually a good film (btw inuits are first nations that live in the north of canada). I already sent in a list with the top ten film twists!

Grant - Three From Leith said...

That was pure class ! One of those "not bus safe" episodes where I embarrass myself by crying with suppressed laughter next to a load of strangers (in a strangely similar fashion to Barry Pepper). I was 2 into the countdown when I clicked and tied Roger and Barry together and realised it was Mr Daily Smalls Code himself. I've visited his podcast a few times and I can't decide whether he's a comedy genius a-la-Sacha Baron Cohen or whether he's just a very quirky individual. Either way, he's a top funny bloke. Maybe having a list read out on TOTP will help him attract more lovely ladies (see his blog) ;-)

Adrian Pegg said...

This was just brilliant, certainly the funniest thing I have heard for ages.

Jon - have you ever experienced the sensation of laughing uncontrollably while riding your motorbike?

Well that was me this morning on my way to work. It's a weird sensation, and probably not covered in the Highway Code I suspect.

The combination of Rob & Jon with the untapped and unassuming genius that is Mr Roger Smalls is just too much. I long for more lists from Roger - and the reason he doesn't listen is probably because he is on a dial up connection and it takes him about a day to download a podcast.

Anonymous said...

Ditto with what Adrian and Grant have said. Luckily I wasn't actually at the wheel of the car when I was listening to show... Hilarious stuff, even if I was somewhat stunned by the list. (No offence to Roger from Guildford, of course.)

Adrian Pegg said...

By the way - it's rogersmalls.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Frankly, that was superb. I was listening to it before bed and was doing a terrible job muffling my bursts of laughter so my roommate wouldn't think I was out of my head.

Anyway, nice work, and keep it up!

bryan-in-greece said...

Fantastic show, talk about gigglefest!!! Anyone looked at Roger's blog? Hard to say if it is for real or not, but it is also very funny...

MakfromCal said...

Who is Barry Pepper?

bryan-in-greece said...

makfromcal, it would appear he is some bloke who cries a lot :-)