Monday, November 07, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things You Buy That Gather Dust

Robs list today, these are the things that you buy thinking that you'll improve your lifestyle, but end up being ignored after a month:-

  • 10 - Manuals and receipts
  • 9 - Puzzles
  • 8 - The novelty Christmas noisey thing
  • 7 - Coffee frother
  • 6 - Universal remote control
  • 5 - Gym membership
  • 4 - Executive desk toys
  • 3 - Bathroom scales
  • 2 - An exercise bike
  • 1 - An FM radio

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Anonymous said...

Octopus?! I think it was "activist," guys. You are hilarious, as usual.

I stayed home sick with the flu today, Jon. Apparently germs are now capable of traveling across podcasts. Look out!

Rob, Rob, Rob. Podcasts and mp3's will never take the place of the local, live programming that fm radio offers. At least I am hoping so, for job security reasons!

Top Of The Pods said...

Molly, Molly, Molly. If that ever happens we'll have to offer you a job...

PH said...

It would not be beyond the realms of possibility for George to have said "octopus" normally, but on this occasion it was definitely "activist" :-).
Great show. Glad to have you back, Jon.

Anonymous said...

haha - fantastic! I'm holding you to it.

Bazza said...

Good list, although I don't really agree with number one as I listened to this show on an FM radio in my office at work using my iTrip. I also tend to use FM at home because DAB reception is pretty bad in my town.

Adrian Pegg said...

Thanks boys I will look forward to my sausage (I'm not Jewish).

grooveymover said...

Not quite sure if I should be proud or ashamed of the fact that I do infact own everything on this list and it does indeed gather dust somewhere in my house.

great list Rob !!

By the way boys Liberty city on the PSP is fantastic but not quite as addictive as hotshots golf.

Anonymous said...

Pft. i dnt evan care about this it is just more of an old person's top ten!