Thursday, November 17, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Favourite Sweets

We hope you are not feeling hungry whilst listening to today's show as Alex from Warlingham in Surrey brings up the subject of his favourite candy:-

  • 10 - Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum
  • 9 - Space Rocks
  • 8 - Gobstoppers
  • 7 - Black Jacks
  • 6 - Starburst / Opal Fruits
  • 5 - Dairy Milk
  • 4 - Strawberry Sherbets
  • 3 - Cadburys Flake
  • 2 - Texan Bar
  • 1 - Mars Bar

Bored? Then why not knock us up a top ten list and email it to, we'll read it out on Alex also wanted to plug for some strange reason, not sure if Alex is on commission or not. But if you do buy anything and there is one of those questions that says 'Where did you hear about then please give us a mention. If they send us anything then we'll donate it to needy orphans and family members for Christmas.


Molly said...

When I was younger, my chocolate preference list was:
white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate

Now, it's changed to:
dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate

Looks like my taste buds played the gold card! (ha ha)

Great show!

Anonymous said...

I DO NOT have a funny accent - but if you like I can record a jingle like "you say potato and we say Kartoffel" or something like that :-)

Adrian Pegg said...

Old fashioned sweets can still be had from A Quarter Of - including, amazingly, TEXAN bars

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

dark chocolate is the work of the devil! I also don't like mixing chocolate with sweets- they're too very different categories (despite both being confectionery) & should be handled as such...not that i spend too much time thinking about this or anything... ;-)

Ro said...

Mmm, sweeties.
Cola Cubes
Pinapple Cubes.
Gone are the days of sweet jars. I know of no shop locally that stll supplies sweets like that.
It's a pity.
I have a story to tell about sweets, you'll just have to liten to my podcast about that. I'll try and remember to do it.
C&TCF was a good rendition of the book.

GiantKillerMantis said...

"Space Rocks" were called "Pop Rocks" over here. They were great, but I don't think they sell them anymore. There was a persistent urban legend about some kid who filled his mouth with pop rocks then poured in a soda, and his head exploded.

Back in college, a friend of mine brought some cool German chocolates back from break (his dad was stationed with the US military in Deutchland). They were called kinder...something. They were a ball of chocolate, with a sort of maltball layer underneath that, and in the middle was a neat toy that you put together. It was a cool toy, too; not something chintzy. Those wacky Germans! Tschuss!

Molly said...

Paul - they do still have Pop Rocks here! They were gone for a long time, but they came back out around 1999 or so (I think). They're kind of hard to find, but not impossible. TCBY even had an ice cream flavor with Pop Rocks in it!

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

Rowley, you should come to Sheffield- Granelli's still has's just opposite pond's forge (where they film The Games)
:-) x
Molly, I like your blog- your 'this is not my blog' page made me laugh! ;-) x