Thursday, February 09, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Household Appliances That Are Catastrophic If They Break Or Go Wrong

James from Luton clearly hasn't heard of extended warranty, here is a list of things that he can't live without around the house:-

  • 10 - Iron
  • 9 - Vacuum Cleaner
  • 8 - TV
  • 7 - Stereo System
  • 6 - Fridge Or Freezer
  • 5 - Microwave And Cooker
  • 4 - Shower
  • 3 - Washing Machine
  • 2 - Central Heating Boiler
  • 1 - Kettle

We have almost run out of audio comments - send your mp3 messages over to and try and keep them as short and sweet as possible.


Anonymous said...

Mwahahaha I took this show's comment virginity!! Mwahahahaha!!
Haven't actually HEARD it yet, but hey i will soooon. it is 05:19 lets see what the clock says...

See ya

Jes said...

Eww! Cover your mouth before we send some crisps in your direction. No shower? Peee-U Jon; wash your arse! I agree with the Mrs and child; yet I love your beat. Drink more mineral water and fresh squeezed juices son. I love Jon's mac jingle! More Mac vs PC rambles.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear Leg engs mentioned on the Maralin Podcast.
I prefer maralyn manson too.


Grant - Three From Leith said...

Great - only just checked for new shows tonight and there are two ! A weekend treat as it's 1.17am and I really should be in bed, so I have to save 'em for tomorrow now.

Welcome back - please stay around a while longer this time; I can't take anymore extended periods of cold turkey !

Anonymous said...

I believe the "catostrophic" part of a kettle is the fact that if somthing went wrong with it, your house would blow up. Really. Why would I lie?

You're running out of audio comments? That means now you have no choice but to play the one I sent you! MUAHAHAHAHA

*ahem* And it would be cool if you'd plug my podcast like Melinda's...

cacophonyx said...

Lo peoples!

Thank you for doing my list - I'll have another (better? Or at least more suited to socially inept geeks who obviously don't have people round :p) Top Ten for you soon.

Like Rob said, I'm surprised you didn't touch on the actual effects of the equipment going wrong, rather than the lack of it when it's stopped working. Take the miracle of the gas cooker. You can have a house apart with that!

Still, what do I know? I don't even do a podcast. Bah.

All the best to you and your wives/showers/duvets (the funniest ever line in a podcast ever?)

james from Luton

bryan-in-greece said...

I think the pacemaker should be the number one appliance that you would hate to go wrong, but what would I knoooooo...? Aaaargh!! BONK!! Groan!!! Death-rattle!

bryan-in-greece said...

Well, you would still be pretty miffed if it broke ;-)

Anonymous said...

#1 in this part of the world (Deep South, USA) would be the air conditioning! I can live without heat in winter but not my AC...

Phil Bowman said...

From current experience, I'd put the Dishwasher above the Iron. Who irons anyway?