Wednesday, June 15, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Cool Brands

Jonathan from likes his brands. Some might say he's a marketeers dream. Others might say he likes to waste money on overpriced crap. Well, Jon came up with some interesting if not lazy items in his top ten cool brands. The phrase scraping the barrel does come to mind on some of his choices. And where do you think Apple came in his top ten? Email us at and tell us what you favourite brands are - hopefully they wont include washing machine makers:-

  • 10 - Ferrari
  • 9 - MTV
  • 8 - Meile (????)
  • 7 - BBC
  • 6 - Carlsburg
  • 5 - Sony
  • 4 - Adobe
  • 3 - Smart
  • 2 - Apple
  • 1 - Howies


Anonymous said...

Tiz Miele, :P

Nice list lads.

Anonymous said...

Good list, Howies is a great choice. I love their catalogue, website and products too.


PH said...

Interesting list. Never heard of Howies (been in the states for 17 years, stands to reason). MTV is pants! They were good when they played Music Videos, and I haven't seen any of those recently. Does the M stand for something else these days?

How about that podcast that you said you'd release if you got 20 comments? Is that for this show only? Or will any show getting 20 comments do? Inquiring minds want to know (they also want to hear the unlreased show). If it's for this show I will do my best to muster up the support (if you really meant it in the first place).

PH said...

I still want to hear that un-podcasted podcast. Just reminding you guys.

PH said...

Um...How about that list, guys?