Thursday, June 16, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons To Use Skype

Jonathan and Rob from like are crazy about Skype. So crazy in fact that Rob came up with ten whole reasons why you lot should use Skype too. Email us at and tell us if you are crazy about skype too. Or if you like, you could skype us - topofthepods is our ID:-

  • 10 – Skype Chat
  • 9 – Great studio integration
  • 8 – Skype In
  • 7 – You can use a traditional style phone with it
  • 6 – Runs on a Pocket PC
  • 5 – Voicemail
  • 4 – Skype Out
  • 3 - Portablility
  • 2 – Ability to call a complete stranger (Skype Me)
  • 1 – It's Free


Anonymous said...

It's much better that you've stopped publishing you're lists in full on the website. I couldn't visit before just in case I hadn't heard the latest show ... and there was nothing worse than seeing the list before hearing the show

Adrian Pegg said...
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Adrian Pegg said...

What a terrific show. The idea to call Stephanie at random - awesome.

Loved it lads.

Anonymous said...

Love it. You should deffo do more shows where you ring people completely at random tho, it was great...