Sunday, June 26, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Scottish Misconceptions

Mark from the has not only been trying to get us into a decent position in , but busy writing lists. He was so fed up with peoples misconceptions about those wonderful Scottish people that he wrote the a list of them for us here at :-

Mark goes on to explain in depth in his email to about rain, this explanation is probably best kept to the shownotes:

"...a large piece of Scotland is made up of the ruggedly scenic Highlands, where annual rainfall exceeds 1600mm (63 inches). In comparison, a huge proportion of Scotland, some 3730 square miles, has an annual rainfall of less than 800mm (31 inches). Moreover, many districts in the north and east of the country have a total rainfall of less that 250mm (10 inches) on average over the four Summer months, which is comparable with the drier parts of England."


Anonymous said...

Wow. Best top 10 list in the world EVER! And sent in by a top guy too. So..y'know..can't really go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Too funny!! You guys are great!