Monday, June 13, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things you shouldn't have on your car

Here at we get very irritated by some car drivers. Rob has been spending too many hours behind the wheel in traffic jams getting upset by other drivers stupid bits attached to their stupid cars. Email us at and tell us how many of these you are guilty of:-

  • 10 – Baby on board notice
  • 9 – Nodding dogs
  • 8 – Travel blankets
  • 7 – Stupid blue lights
  • 6 – Beaded seat cover
  • 5 – Extra bodywork
  • 4 – Alloys
  • 3 - Bad paint jobs
  • 2 – Stickers saying Chas and Dave
  • 1 – Anything hanging from the mirror


PH said...

Good list. Bumper stickers in general can be naff, e.g. "Honour Roll Student", "Mean People Suck", "Pro/Anti Abortion" etc.
I made a "" 'sticker' for the back of my mini-van. Who knows, someone might be stuck behind me in traffic and give it a go.

PH said...

My custom-/home-made TOTP sticker is VERY effective at making vee-hickles back off.
Not sure why, but I don't have people tail-gating me any more.