Thursday, June 09, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Failed Technologies

On today Rob brings you his top ten list of failed technologies, email us at if you still own any of these (and let Jon know who Dave Winer is) :-

  • 10 – Betamax video
  • 9 – Apple Newton
  • 8 – Laserdisc
  • 7 – Eight Track
  • 6 – Personal transport
  • 5 – Sega / Nintendo / Atari
  • 4 – The Amstrad Emailer
  • 3 - Java
  • 2 – iPod Batteies
  • 1 – Bluetooth


Anonymous said...

Come on guys... Bluetooth... It's good really

Top Of The Pods said...

I know Mark. I'm on your side. I use it every day for my mouse and without it I'd have cables all over the place even if not on my mouse!

I love Bluetooth. Rob doesn't and i will never ever be able to change his small mind.

Anonymous said...

lol, yer, this is true. Love the love for Apple Products tho, huge Apple fan myself... I had to cringe while listening to top 10 things to tell if your a geek, I'm kinda one of those folks whos skin melts when using a PC... lol... Not to worry tho.

Top Of The Pods said...

I'm sitting here at the mac with the PC behind me staring into my back. I can feel it's gaze burning into me, longing for that light touch on it's keyboard, knowing that the only time it's going to get that warm feeling of use is when I get on Skype! I am using OSX 10.2.8. No Skype! I really should upgrade then I can stick my fingers up and the silly black box behind me and only ever have to chaeck the web pages view correctly on it.


Join in....

If your happy and you know it you've got a Mac
If your happy and you know it you've got a Mac
If your happy and you know it and you really want to show it,
If you're happy and you know it you've got a Mac.

It's true.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's very true. You should upgrade, Tiger is great. I'm still a bit weary of this Intel move tho, but we shall see. I have a PC downstairs, only gets used for Video Encoding, and even then thats because it never gets used, so can just be set off and left... and the hard disc space, eMac only has 40gig, so a lot of stuff just gets fired on the PC, I suppose it's best to have both really...

Anonymous said...

Agreed, iPod battery poor. I have a 1st Gen 10GB iPod, getting a replacement for ~$36.
It's a great deal, and the battery is supposed to run for almost 24 hours straight.
For now I am using my Dell Axim X50v to listen to the shows on.
That has Bluetooth. Works fine for the Bluetooth GPS...there again, it is all plugged into the car adapter, so the power thing doesn't become an issue. Oh, well...