Sunday, June 12, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Tips For Dealing With Bad Customer Service

Its the show about standing up for yourself as a consumer, try a few of these for tips when dealing with complaining. By the way, if you want to complain about the state of this show email :-

  • 10 – Don't get personal
  • 9 – Call up and hang up repeatedly to call centers
  • 8 – Dont complain about food unless you can see the kitchen
  • 7 – Keep a diary of events
  • 6 – Don't dial any numbers during a telephone menu system
  • 5 – Record your convesations
  • 4 – Stern, polite, calm but loud
  • 3 - Get full names and telephone extentions
  • 2 – Dont pay
  • 1 – Use a watchdog organisation


Anonymous said...

this is the best Britcast show out there. Great work, lads.

PH said...

It is difficult being English living in America and trying to follow American social behaviour when you grew up being 'taught' to 'lump it'/'not rock the boat'.