Wednesday, August 10, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten 80s Cartoons

Paul Scott who gave us a list of top ten 80's cartoons, which quite frankly we picked to bits as most of them were girlie cartoons:-

  • 10 – Gummi Bears
  • 9 – Dungeons And Dragons
  • 8 – Danger Mouse
  • 7 – Transformers
  • 6 – Trap door
  • 5 – Care Bears
  • 4 – Super Ted & Spotty
  • 3 - He-Man
  • 2 – Bravestarr
  • 1 – Thundercats
We are starting to creep up into big file sizes so we've changed the encoding (this is almost half an hour of top of the pods), slightly lower quality but a lot easier to download in a hurry. We'll try this out for a few days and see what you all think.

Mid-show we talked about Northpod, their site is at Also mentioned on this link ridden site are the GI Joe Overdubbed cartoons found at Plus Rowley from got a mention about his £21 per year, 1 gig unlimited bandwidth podcast hosting service that we can vouch for.

Also we played unsigned band Gidgets Ga Ga's song 'The Bomb' at the end of the show, for more great podsafe music head over to their site at and say hello. We were gonna do a top 10 related list about them but couldn't think what, if anyone would like to help us with a list then send it to


Anonymous said...

Hooray - all the film questions right !! As I'm a veggie, I'll claim the five pounds of pig manure which I could flog to gardeners as fertiliser.... I was only kidding about the fiver though - I was just ending my email in classic Viz magazine 'Letterbocks' style.

And as for the UK visit show, I ddn't call you two stupid... just lacking in a bit of general knowledge and possibly an idea for a top ten of things Rob and Jon didn't know (eg Wasabi, weevils)

And finally, it wasn't me who objected to the gap in "Top.......Ten", much though I like hearing myself mentioned :-)

However, I'm rather taken with the idea of being blamed for everything (I got lots of experience of that with my ex) so you're hereby granted permission to use my name on any occasion where you can't remember who said something, eg.

"We shall fight them on the beaches... who said that, Jon-father-of-one ?"

"I dunno Rob, thirty-x, but I think it may have been Grant."

"And 'The lady's not for turning', Jon ?"

"You know Rob, I think it was Grant again."

Finally - go check out Angry Kid at and looks for the Tourettes episode. Guaranteed to make you laugh yourselves silly.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure about the tune to be honest. I listen to other podcasts for music, and TOTP for the banter and humour. If you WERE to close each show with music, then you'd have to up the sample rate on the show as music sounds really pants at low sampling (like old AM radio).

Personally I'd much rather hear Jon sing !!

Top Of The Pods said...

Ha ha.

I do love to sing.



Anonymous said...

angry kid is excellent grant!

i liked the song, but as im too young, i didnt really get the show, as i wasnt even born in the 80's.

Anonymous said...

Yey... Our Jingle. lol. Thanks for the plug guys. Good show again as well


Anonymous said...

No Dogtanian or Ulysees?

Care Bears, for god's sake! Was Paul Scott experiencing gender difficulties in the 80's?

Anonymous said...

There are now shirts which you can buy, that say "Who wants a body massage."
the GI joe things are still up at .....PORK CHOP SANDWICHES!!!!

Anonymous said...

oooh now I am worried I am older than I am letting myself believe.
What about Jamie and the magic torch and wacky races? Scooby Doo has to be there too - hmmmmm I reckon I am talking 70's now....?

Anonymous said...

...and Ulysees had a cool theme tune