Wednesday, August 17, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Simpsons Characters

Gus sent us his Top Ten Simpsons List before everyone else did, so that's why his list is out of the doors first. We have others about the Simpsons and oh my god they are all sooooo different. If anything here is gonna start a James Bond Top Ten List Style Fight, then this is it.

Nice one Gus, thanks for that:-

Note: We've had a few problems with our RSS feed, sorry if you've got the show twice but we've had to republish the show.


PH said...

Jolly good show, chaps!
(not going to get into a Simpsons debate here, as per your introductory warning, Rob)
Liked the musical intro, plus the outro-outakes. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

how can you forget the rhyme!all the jingles and phrases are imbedded in my head!

Anonymous said...

"Jolly good show, chaps!"....people don't actually talk like that do they?

JH said...

They certainly do! At least, PH does, and so do our British friends and relations. (And they're not even Cockney or anything.)

PH said...

I was not taking the mick or anything. I meant to say that, that is how I talk. Honestly.
And it was indeed a jolly good show, after all, wasn't it?

Here here here here here etc.
(I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago).

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I loved the 15 minute shows - the shows are too long now for me to fit into a short spot of spare-time.

Is this the future for the show?


Peter (from southport)

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Mat said...

I agree. Bart should be lower. He isn't that good.