Wednesday, August 24, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things About Women

Hey Joe, way to go - thanks for the list of the ten things about women! :-

  • 10 – Never wrong
  • 9 – Directions
  • 8 – New CDs
  • 7 – Bad situations
  • 6 – Admit help
  • 5 – Food
  • 4 – Moods
  • 3 - Snoring
  • 2 – Police
  • 1 – Guffs


JH said...

Women have to fart, Rob, or else we'd explode. Mine, however, smell like roses. :)

Our youngest daughter announces her emissions by raising her hand and saying "Guilty".

Great show! Lots of laughs. Farts are funny, but not nearly as funny as Rob's reaction to them.

JH said...

How many euphenisms for farting can we come up with?

Cutting the cheese?

Launching an air biscuit?

Anonymous said...

I'll give the punchline a try, imagine a man speaking:

There are some women who won't take anything off of a man. And they get upset when I undress myself too...

My little 5-year-old cousin cuts one, then she says "You have to fart or you'll die!" Sadly when her 11-year-old brother cuts one, we're afraid WE'LL die...

Bazza said...

Everyone should rate the show on, I gave it 5 stars yesterday, I think I was the first to rate it. It's now 5th in the comedy section. :)

wendy78syed said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

Bazza said...

Got an iTrip through the post today, so I listen to TOTP while I'm driving now. My car stereo does play mp3s, but it's easy to update the iPod.

Anonymous said...


My girlfriend and I are both veggies and we fart like they're going out fashion ! It's like a competition sometimes. We do, however, have to make sure there are no sparks or naked flames around as the house would be blown into the stratosphere if there was an accidental ignition ;-)

My 5-yr old daughter is taking after me; she 'parps' non-stop, usually pausing to say "That was a BEAUTY !!", following a comment my mum once made to her (and my mum thinks 'fart' is a swear-word, probably the reason why I find them hysterically funny at the age of 37...)

Check out the series of childrens' books about "Fritz the farting dog", which JOn may one day like to read to his child when she's a little older !