Monday, August 29, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Movie Trilogies

For Bazza from Yorkshire one movie is not enough - he's only happy when Hollywood has knocked out three films. He's been busy watching over 30 films to bring us his list of the top ten movie trilogies:-

  • 10 – The Omen
  • 9 – Scream
  • 8 – Robocop
  • 7 – Jurassic Park
  • 6 – Karate Kid
  • 5 – Evil Dead
  • 4 – Indiana Jones
  • 3 - Terminator
  • 2 – The Matrix
  • 1 – Back To The Future
Email of the week

It has come to our attention that invalid clicks have been generated on the Google ads on your site(s). We have therefore disabled your Google AdSense account.

Publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed further participation in AdSense and do not receive any further payment. The earnings on your account will be properly returned to the affected advertisers.


The Google AdSense Team

So if there any web sites that you'd like to remove their only source of income simply sit and click on more than one of their adverts from Google all day long. Good old internet superpowers! A show was planned for this week about Google Talk, Google Desktop and Google Earth - we think we'll give that one a miss somehow.


Anonymous said...

I do hope it wasn't the post-lobotomy specimen that was Womboy who was up to no good on the Google Adsense clicking.

How about a Top Ten of sponsors you'd like to sponsor the show to replace the Google income ?

Top Of The Pods said...

Womboy gets no more attention. Google gets our wrath.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that the original Star Wars trilogy didn't feature there...

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems that Google Adsense would be better off renaming themselves "Google Nonsense" - what would a commercial TV channel do if it discovered, shock horror, that 75% of viewers got up to make a cuppa when the ads came on? Return the cash "properly" (what?) to the companies who placed the commercials??? And what exactly IS an invalid click? One of those clicks where you are frantically clicking away only to discover a crumb of toast or a dried bogey has lodged itself under the mouse button? How about putting up some spoof Google-style ads, lads? :-)

Al said...

I do believe That Google is becoming the new Microsoft, the company we all love to hate.
How 'bout a paypal tip jar?...I would not mind helping defray some of the broadband costs, I am sure there are many others that would throw in a quid or two to help with expenses.
I only clicked each add no more than 20 or 30 times, I swear!

PH said...

#1 Star Wars Trilogy, original...travesty that they are not in there.
#2 Indiana Jones.
#3 Back to the Future.
Alien was almost a trilogy, #4 was not so good. Bit of an anomaloy for me, sci-fi horror (I don't like horror, period).

p.s. Google rocks, don't knock it. they are not perfect either.

p.p.s. Beverly Hills Cop?

Bazza said...

Thanks a lot for using my list, I'm honoured, you made my day. :)

Another excellent show.

Bazza said...

I think I may be partially responsible for the google ads thing, but I did buy an iTrip out of it. I actually bought it off ebay rather than the site came up though.

JH said...

Some other missed trilogies:

Die Hard
Mad Max

and... the Qatsi trilogy:

Awesome, artistic, thought-provoking films

I'll play the joker on the horror flicks and insert the list above with the Qatsi trilogy at number 1.

Anonymous said...

What!!! Sorry the top spot here should have gone to the Lord of the Rings..

I thinks Star Wars should count as they are 2 trilogies i guess, and i thought Aliens might be there, although a Quadrilogy really.

Steve (birthday) HK

Bazza said...

I considered Lord Of The Rings, but to be honest I got a bit bored watching them really. I also considered Die Hard and Godfather.

As for Star Wars, even the original set were actually episodes 4-6, so in my opinion not a trilogy, and also I've never been that much a Star Wars fan, I didn't even bother watching episodes 2 and 3.

I am a big aliens fan, but as there are 4, it can't really be in there.

Anonymous said...

another was hit by the adsense nonsence, firasystems, they had $50 in the pot and got pulled for "invalid clicks"

adsense is NOT reccomended

Bazza said...

I had a look in the FAQs for the google ad thing and it says the following:

Google strictly prohibits any method used to artificially generate clicks or page impressions and closely monitors activity using engineering systems and human analysis.

Google's proprietary technology analyses clicks and impressions to determine whether they fit a pattern of use intended to artificially drive up an advertiser's clicks or impressions, or a publisher's earnings. Our system uses sophisticated filters to distinguish between clicks generated through normal use by users and clicks generated by unethical users and automated robots, enabling us to filter out most invalid clicks and impressions. Advertisers are not charged for the clicks and impressions we filter out.

In addition to our automated system, we have a team dedicated to detecting invalid activity using several specialised tools and a wide variety of techniques based on extensive experience tracking and monitoring user behaviour and analysing scenarios. We continually upgrade our detection mechanisms to proactively combat invalid activity.

It doesn't say anything about cancelled your account.

Anonymous said...

I think i'll send google a picture of some tumbleweed for you!

PH said...

Man, I totally forgot about the Qatsi Trilogy!
I put them at #0, a special position, above #1.
It's more of an experience than a film/movie.
Gives one a whole different perspective on the world we live in.

Sam Smith said...

im writing an anti google show right now! everyone clicks there own google ad, cant they bill per IP insted of per click?

Bazza said...

BTW Jon, Evil Dead is worth getting on DVD because of the case it comes in, it's made to look like the book of the dead, bound in human flesh, well it's actually rubber but it looks and feels good. It also has some excellent artwork inside.

Picture of it here:

Evil Dead 2 is actually the best one, it's very similar to the first one but a lot better and also very funny. The main character's (Bruce Campbell) hand turns evil at one point and he's forced to cut it off, and he then clamps a chainsaw on to the end of his arm. His hand is still alive after it's cut off as well. It's great lol.

Top Of The Pods said...

Forgot who supplied the list, but it was obviously not ours as there would have to have been the man with no name trilogy as well as the godfather. I mean they are probably my number 1 and 2. Lord of the rings would be in there somewhere, but not in the top three. Karate kid would not even be in the top 100 hundred let alone the top ten! Indiana would be in there somewhere as would back to the future and the matrix.

Thing is though I haven't seen the Qatsi trilogy even though I bought it for my friend for xmas. Must see that. Erm. Down with Google! Hang on, isn't blogger part of google? Right time to talk to Rob. Bloody Google. Anyone have any pointers for a fave search tool other than google? I'm using yahopo at the moment but not sure. Oh, I hate google coz I really love their technologies. I think we may have to put up some anti google adsense adverts. Again, time to talk to roberto.
Have a good day y'all (oh my god hank just walked in!!)


Benny Marsh said...

Yeah, that was a crap list, no godfather, no LOTR's, No starwars (original triology).


Bazza said...

I didn't put the Godfather because I've only seen the first, they're just a bit too long for me really. For the same reason I got a bit bored watching LOTR's and would prefer to watch the others instead. I've already given my reasons for Star Wars.

You can't please everyone. ;)