Friday, August 26, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Phrases That Americans Say While Attempting To Do A British Accent

Mike Salt from Lake City, in the USA which is in Utah has sent us his list of phrases that those crazy Americans say when they try doing an English impression:-

  • 10 – Ya got me banged to rights. It's a fair cop.
  • 9 – Got any more steak and kidney pudding?
  • 8 – Ev'nin Chief Inspector
  • 7 – Cheers mate
  • 6 – Jolly good
  • 5 – Yeah baby
  • 4 – Bob's your uncle
  • 3 - Ello Gov'na
  • 2 – Cherrio, time for tea
  • 1 – Bloody Hell

Hope you all have a good weekend and you'll be hearing from us on Monday.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how very British the Brits living in America's all pip pip, jolly good, and every other stereotypical's as if they think it's expected of them.

Mary T.

Anonymous said...

Cherios are made by general mills which is based in the USA. So you've wasted valuble show time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, Hi Jon, it's Mike, from America. Hope you liked the stuff.

As always, you've created a masterpiece!

Utah (Where are gas station attendants always have red hankies hanging from their pockets)

Top Of The Pods said...

Ta for the comments. Interesting. Whenever I'm abroad my accent gets a bit more English than usual (more Hugh Grant than Del Boy though)!


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

The loss of listeners is an iTunes problem! I am ALMOST sure of it!!!

This episode has still not shown up on iTunes (Sunday 14:40 GMT +2).

My own podcast has lost all of its episodes on iTunes.... (granted there were only 6 of them, but still!).

Anybody got any ideas (not that I want to turn the TOTP comments section in a personal support page... But what the heck)?

Top Of The Pods said...

Fixed the iTunes and Feedburner problem - our atom feed from blogger was way too big and Feedburner didn't like it. I've shrunk down the number of posts to just 25 to keep the filesize down and feedburner is now accepting the latest shows.

Podcast listener figures always drop over the weekends, mainly because people listen during weekdays - happens to most podcasters.

Dion, I'm subscribed to your podcast but haven't got episode 6. Feedburner looks ok but iTunes hasn't got it. Still haven't figured out how Apple are doing this yet...

Anonymous said...

I do the stats for podcastpaul and rowley. They get a report with quite a bit of info on it from detailed breakdowns; to summaries + graphs.

If you fancy me doing the stats for you guys which I'd be happy to do then please let me know. You need to be able to get access to your web logs for it to work.

Geoff (the drunkard one)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the way they always try to pronounce Edinburgh when they're over here; EE - DIN - BOE - ROE

They also think they're in 'Scotchland'.

And they're always impressed that we can speak English !!

Mike, 'from America', can you intervene and make sure that you only send your educated countrymen over here before we Scots get the wrong idea about Americans ?? I know they're not all that bad - my sister married one from New Orleans last year (you can visit the wedding pics on my website for proof !).

(fingers crossed his family home survives Katrina right now)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

womb boy please can you stop posting obscene comments because my children go on this site and as a mother id rather they didnt see it. TOTP can't you delete it?

Anonymous said...


Top Of The Pods said...

I've deleted those comments, if anyone wants 'womb boy's IP address and domain name then drop us an email with the most inventive reason why.



Anonymous said...

all your hard work on censoring the show and some 'twirp' does that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Al,

I wasn't being serious ! Hope I didn't cause offense - none was intended.

I agree about the UK football matches - I can't stand the sport. Played by obscenely-overpaid nancy-boys with girly haircuts, who have all the brainpower of a retarded slug. And a majority of the followers (chavs / neds / scallies) who should never be allowed out in decent society...

All in my humble opinion, of course (he says, donning his tin helmet and asbestos suit) ;-)

Top Of The Pods said...

We've got limited time to work on Top of the Pods, either we write show prep work, edit shows, prepare new jingles (overdue) and write scripts or we sit and worry about adwords and comments. We both work full time and both have family commitments. This isn't full time and we do this for free. Help us do the best show we can and leave out the bad comments so we have more time to focus on the show.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. My feeble attempts at humour are failing dismally and I'm digging myself into a bigger hole, a la Basil Fawlty. I shall keep my trap shut and stick to the subject from now on.

Peace from a separated father who knows the hard work involved in holding down a job, a time-consuming hobby, and doing the majority of the childcare.

I appreciate your efforts, guys.