Friday, August 12, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Be Annoyed About Missing Out On If I Die Too Soon

Our mate Ross from the Mashup Podcast sent us over his top ten list of stuff he would be annoyed at if he died too soon. A bit of a long winded title, but self confessed Geekoid, Roberto got all excited at the techie stuff, whilst Father-Of-One, Jonathan kept ultra cool like the fonz. Ehhhhhhhhhhh:-


PH said...

Great show, guys.
Considered TomTomNavigator when I was looking for PDA s/w at Christmas.
Then I found OnCourseNavigator 4 (OCN 5 is out now, and is even better).
( in the USA)
( in Europe)
Map of the entire USA seamless on a 1GB CF/SD card.
One time registration. So if you have to reinstall on the road, you do not need to have internet access to get back up and running.
True VGA display. English Female voice navigation, turn-by-turn. NAVTEQ maps.
It's such a great program. Nominated again this year as the best Nav s/w, I think.
We are waiting for our free upgrades to get shipped. It's a real boon on long trips, when you want to find points of interest etc. Never get lost again. The 2 DVDs have all the maps on, so you only have to go online and purchase an upgraded code to access other maps. We will definitely be bringing it when we pop over for a visit next year, so I'll order the 'Europe A' map then.
You ought to do the full bit when doing the lucky listener bag. That's the fun of it, guys. We'll let you off this time, since the rest of the show was great.
Enjoying the listener MP3 comments too, even if some are a bit strange :-).
Hope you have time to do at least one more show over the weekend. Cheers!

ed, vancouver said...


PH said...

Hank & Eugene are not updating their blog very often, are they? Tisk-tisk.
How are we supposed to keep up to date with "the latest automatique weapeons news"?
Have Hank or Eugene seen the new Dukes of Hazard movie?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Tonight sounded like Jon and Rob were a little put out with each other. Having a bad day guys?

6620 West Kidcast

sam smith said...

erm, kidcast?

i know over there you say 'pod', but over here we say pod':)

digitaldion said...

Nope, over there they say pOd, over here we say PoD... ha ha...

Mike you have been a great sport!

Jon and Rob, you guys are CRAZY!!!

By the way, I have a flying car. It is just a normal car, but when my wife drives it can go faster than light! I have scientific evidence... Well, at least enough fines for it to serve as empirical proof from some fairly reputable employees of the local constabulary ;-)

Anonymous said...

No worries. It's all in good fun. This is such a good show I'm happy to help out any way I can, even at the expense of my own pride.

6620 West Kidcast