Monday, August 22, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Over Hyped Movies

Justin from Norwich is quite a movie buff who feels very disappointed when studios build him up only to knock him down. Here is the list he sent to with his 10 over hyped movies:-

  • 10 – Godzilla
  • 9 – The Grudge
  • 8 – Catwoman
  • 7 – Pearl Harbour
  • 6 – Mission Impossible 2
  • 5 – Fahrenheit 911
  • 4 – The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • 3 - Star Wars episode 1: The Phantom Menace
  • 2 – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
  • 1 – The Matrix Reloaded


Al said...

Isn't Justin from Norwich some sort of monastic? Good beer in Norwich, the brewery is right next to the religious site where that medieval religious mystic lived in a cell for can pray and cop a buzz from the breeze. (Actually, I know it was Julian of Norwich, Dame Julian to be precise)

JH said...

I thought "Lost in Translation" was way overhyped. It was a waste of film. Lots of other films too, but they're so unmemorable that I can't think of any now.

The original "Home Alone" was so overhyped that I refused to see it. Macaulay Culkin's stupid face was everywhere. It turned out to be okay, but nothing like the hype it got.

Don't skimp on the waffle, guys; it's what makes you entertaining! Are you going to do any waffle-only shows (uncensored)?

Anonymous said...

What about "eyes wide shut". It wasn't really overhyped but it sure was overated.

If your feeling down why not visit

PH said...

Good show, again. You guys are pretty consistent, that's for certain.
I enjoy the unpredictability of the shows in terms of length. It's less restrictive. Example: Jon saying "Yes" repeatedly is funny this time, but if in every show would get old, prefer the banter going almost unchecked to be honest. Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed it. We prefaced listening by revisiting the Tourette's Syndrome Monks (Top 10 Girls With Big Bums).

Bazza said...
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Bazza said...

I thought the Grudge was very good, scariest movie I've seen in a long time. Movies rarely scare me, but I was proper creeped out by that. I still can't believe either have never seen Buffy, you're missing out there. I thought Catwoman was fairly good as well.

I wasn't overly impressed by T3 but I thought Matrix Reloaded was good.

Another good show.

PS. I've clicked your Google ads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing my list guys, wanna know what rich text is? just right click on your desktop and select new rich-text document... it's a wordpad file thats all! nothing mysterious..

Did Jon miss the commas I wrote into my shownotes? he didn't pause for breath once!

Oh and I agree with other ppl about the banter, it's what makes the show good, we dont want a repeat of the one minute show do we?

Bazza said...

Congratulations on getting your list read Justin. You must feel proud, I know I would.

sparetomato said...

Agreed that Lost in Translation was WAY overhyped... that film simply did not go anywhere... really long and boring.

I wouldn't say Catwoman was overhyped - I think it was generally accepted as being naff even before it came out

Although, Halle Berry is overhyped.

And bring back Stock Aitken and Waterman! I was waiting for you to get The London Boys in!

JH said...

Agree with Andy about SA&W, or perhaps some other celebrities, having custody of the listener list bag.