Wednesday, November 09, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things About Hollow Horse

Hollow Horse sent us their great album called Beggarstown recently with the challenge of doing a show about it. He also gave us ten anecdotes about the band which are very hard to summarize in the shownotes, instead here are the tracks that we played in the background:-

  • 10 - Life is Fine, But It Could Be Wonderful
  • 9 - Love One Another
  • 8 - If Love Is The Answer, What Was The Question
  • 7 - Just To Know That You Are In The World
  • 6 - Right Beside You
  • 5 - Half Way There
  • 4 - Do What You Do Best
  • 3 - Forget The Girl
  • 2 - Wait
  • 1 - I'm Left Wondering

If you'd like to know more about Hollow Horse then head over to and show your support for these great musicians by buying the album, if only for the wonderful track 'I'm Left Wondering'. If you like this type of music then why subscribe to these two great musical podcasts and


Adrian Pegg said...

I'm Left Wondering is my favourite track too, Thought you should know.

Grant - Three From Leith said...

I'm sure it's unintentional, but mising out the 'not' in 'why subscribe' gives the phrase a whole new meaning !

So, OK - Why subscribe ? Because tartanpodcast plays independent, unsigned and underappreciated podsafe music by Scottish artists. Host Mark regularly jets off round the world in his role as an international podcasting superstar and windowcleaner.

Three From Leith champions Scottish artists too, but also plays bands from the rest of the UK and the world. Host Grant regularly takes the bus to work.

Together, we make a great listening combination of top quality, podsafe music that'll really brighten up your day.


podcastpaul said...

Boys, boys... I've been going absolutely mental about HH for about the last 6 - 7 podcasts... I even have a full interview with Kenny!


btw... the best track without question is 'Forget the girl'

podcastpaul said...

Boys - come on!!! I'm listening as I am typing... "China Crisis, I think were a death metal band...." Eh?!!?!?!??!!!! They were a poppy 80's band, I think from Liverpool - they did 'Wishful thinking' and some other cracking stuff too.


Adrian Pegg said...

Well said Paul.

I just came back to make that comment - another quote that made me spit out my tea while listening - this show does that to me!

I love(d) China Crisis too.

Jeff said...

FWIW, this is the funniest episode ever. Whenever i want to refer a friend to a podcast, i send them here.