Thursday, November 03, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things I Hate About DIY

Welcome to all our new listeners from the iTunes homepage, we hope the extra surge in traffic didn't play havoc with our servers earlier on today. Jon is poorly with the flu, and being unable to speak isn't a good attribute when it comes to hosting a podcast. Instead we skype the hotline to Scotland to bring you Mark from the Tartan Podcast, he's been decorating and this has enraged him so much that he has compiled a hate list:-

  • 10 - Planning
  • 9 - Going to the DIY store
  • 8 - Paint pots
  • 7 - Arguing
  • 6 - Barley White
  • 5 - Getting started
  • 4 - Shelves
  • 3 - Never looks how you planned
  • 2 - Cleaning up
  • 1 - Doing it yourself

As this was a spur of the moment Skype call the audio quality wasn't quite up to scratch, but the main thing is we've done a show. We should hopefully be back to our 5 days a week schedules of shows. Mark has kindly agreed to do a show on Friday, in the mean time if you are a new listener we have almost 150 shows in our archives on waiting for your ears.

If you find you are having problems downloading shows then try replacing with in the path and it should download no problem.


Grant - Three From Leith said...

Well done on the sudden surge in listener numbers - it's well deserved. I was right about being over 1000 in my comments on the 31st Oct show then !

Anonymous said... - ulp, looks like someone's had the same idea!

At uni at the moment so don't have time to listen to the show, but hooray! for having Mark on again.

Hope Jon gets well soon and recovers from the ManFlu.