Friday, November 11, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Tips For Blokes On The Pull

Toria offers the single lads some insider information about how to impress the hot chickadees this weekend:-

  • 10 - Look Good
  • 9 - Compliments
  • 8 - Stand Out
  • 7 - Be Nice
  • 6 - Smile
  • 5 - Dance
  • 4 - Be Funny
  • 3 - Be Yourself
  • 2 - Intelligent Conversation
  • 1 - Be Confident

Obviously there's not a single bloke alive that possesses more than one of these qualities, even if we were capable of all ten then we'd still get complaints about leaving the toilet seat up. Let us know how well you all get on - depending on how things go Toria could be looking at hosting the Podcasting equivalent of blind date if these tips actually work. We personally recommend plenty of drinks and lying profusely.

This is a repost, either Feedburner or Libsyn hasn't been behaving and making things work with your podcasting software - you can still see yesterdays comments here. While you have the weekend with nothing to do we are running dry of audio comments so why not say hello into a microphone and email the recording to

*The phrase 'On The Pull' is an English phrase meaning to go out in the evening and meet young ladies with the view to going on a date, it's nothing rude.


Top Of The Pods said...

Mondays show will be up Tuesday lunchtime as there is too much to edit and I want to go to bed! I know, I'm a part-timer, some of us podcasters have dayjobs to go to as well....


bryan-in-greece said...

A good thing is always worth the wait (as the Bishop said to the actress)... :-)

Get some quality rest, Rob!



Grant - Three From Leith said...

I just listened to Friday's show last night so the delay's allowed me to catch up. What a great show again - laugh-out-loud moments by the bucketload !! Luckily I listened in bed last night rather than make a fool of myself on the bus again !

Nice one guys !

Anonymous said...

I think this is the best show that you guys have ever done. Fantastic! keep it up! I was listening to this show on my ipod while watering the garden (it is a hot summer here in New Zealand) and was laughing outloud at several points in the show. My neighbours have stopped talking to me lately.... not sure if there is any connection.

Good work lads