Friday, June 17, 2005

TOTP - Jon's Top Ten Crisp Flavo(u)rs

Jonathan from likes crisps and eats far too many of them - so much so that he has had to employ a personal trainer to come round and kick his fat crispy ass into shape before he goes on his holiday. So to celebrate his love of crisps, Jon decided to list his top ten favourites... Email us at and tell us which flavours you like best:-

  • 10 – Walkers Beef & Onion
    Is this the brummies fave crisp? I heard it was once on a comedy routine.
  • 9 – Walkers Salt & Vineger
    Demoted. Not what they used to be.
  • 8 – American QuarterBacks
    New entry due to being reminded of their existance during conversation about top ten crisp flavours.
  • 7 – Tangy Toms
    At 10p a bag they were a bargain - do they still exist?
  • 6 – Scampi Fries
    Problem: they stink
  • 5 – Walkers Roast Chicken
  • 4 – Flamin' Hot Monster Munch
  • 3 - Roast Beef Monster Munch
  • 2 – Salt & Vinegar twists
    Not garage ones - they are always rubbish
  • 1 – M&S Prawn Cocktail shells
    Waitrose also do them, but pipped by M&S
    Why did Sainsbury stop doing them?


usbrit said...

Ahhhh, this takes me back! Listened to this flying across Ohio (I'm an expat living in USA). Note to self - avoid Top of the pods podcast while on commercial ailine, laughter can cause problems with overweight fellow passengers. Cheers guys nice to get a bit of the old country and childhood in one.

Top Of The Pods said...

we would love an mp3 voice comment of what happend with the overweight passenger - you know the address so tell us all about it and we'll throw it into a show!

Anonymous said...

I've got the flu just now and I couldn't sleep last night. So I lay in bed listening to totp. But laughing out loud in the dead of the night isn't actually a great idea....Funniest episode so far.

Anonymous said...

crisps are Potato Chips to americans?