Wednesday, June 22, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Alternate Doctor Who Actors

With Christopher Eccleston leaving the role of Doctor Who we compiled a Top Ten list of true Englishmen who we thought would make a great replacement. Stay tuned at the end of todays show on, we have produced an exclusive public information advert for podcasting. If you haven't already switched off half way through then wait until the end for some hidden outtakes:-

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podcastpaul said...

loved it boys! Best yet

Anonymous said...

I thought the funniest bit the radio play about podcasting. I had to keep pausing to avoid convulsions. BTW you're like Ant and Dec - I've listened to every show, usually more than once and am still not sure which one's Jon (the funny one) and which one is Rob (the very funny one)
There's a TT list in that - Top Ten double acts - I think you'd make it

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on all the shows, having been directed your way by Mark's recommendation on the Tartan Podcast. The Doctor Who show was hilarious - I nearly ended myself at the out-takes of attempts to sing the theme tune at the end of the show. You wouldn't believe the looks I was getting from people as I walked past them convulsing with suppressed laughter !! Narrowly avoided being hit by some huge brick shithouse of a bloke who thought I was laughing at him.

How about a health warning on shows like this ??!!