Saturday, June 11, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Brazillians

Felipe from Rio de Janeiro issued us a challenge at, it was to find the Top Ten Brazillians. We did our best. If you can issue us with a challenge like Filipe did then send your emails to

  • 10 – Nelson Picay
  • 9 – Erton Senna
  • 8 – Gizella
  • 7 – Brazillians Haircuts
  • 6 – Pele
  • 5 – Barachello
  • 4 – Nuts
  • 3 - Renaldo
  • 2 – Sorcatese
  • 1 – Jesus on the Hill

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Anonymous said...

Christiano Ronaldo (Man Utd) did rather well to get on this list, considering he's Portuguese. Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid on the other hand ...

Pedro Borges said...

God ! This IS a small world ...
Imagine that I was just listening to the Brazilian top ten and thinking with me "They are spelling everything wrong hahaha" Then I came here to tell you this and find out that one friend of mine listen to the same podcast and already did ! Hi Alexandre !

Well you could put some brazilian musicians like Tom Jobim ...there were too much car racer's ... And Ayrton Senna did die on an accident during a race.