Monday, June 06, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Hard Animals

Can Jon stop laughing for one minute? Well no as it happens. Like two childish schoolboys Jon and Rob mess about and somehow get around to presenting the Top Ten Hard Animals:-

  • 10 – Pirhana
  • 9 – Snake
  • 8 – Killer bees
  • 7 – Rhino
  • 6 – Lion
  • 5 – Killer Whale
  • 4 – Scorpion
  • 3 - Black Widow
  • 2 – Crocodile
  • 1 – Shark

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys..

This show was very funny. Loved it.

OK, there you go, Comments = 1


Anonymous said...

Good... and I have a Mac, no PC! :P But enjoyed it lots, nice one guys... My first podcasting experiance