Tuesday, June 07, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Signs That You Are A Geek

Please run through this checklist, we have both scored 6 out of 10 in Robs top ten signs that you are a geek:-

  • 10 – Role playing games
  • 9 – You run Linux, and boy does everyone else know it
  • 8 – You wear sandals
  • 7 – You know every blooper and trivia in films
  • 6 – Been to sci-fi conventions
  • 5 – Engadget not just in your favourites, but also in your RSS feed reader
  • 4 – USB enabled everything
  • 3 - You compile your own software
  • 2 – Pinups are all scifi chicks
  • 1 – You look like one

How did you score in this? Let us know by composing a message in Emacs, piping out the results to Sendmail to email topofthepods@gmail.com then pointing Lynx to www.topofthepods.com.


Anonymous said...

Very funny show - had me laughing and dribbling snot on a packed commuter train this morning. The upside of this was I had two seats to myself as for some reason people were avoiding me.

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Hey guys,

I listened to this show. I laughed so hard I almost dropped my pocket protector in my USB coffee maker.

I scored high! I visit engadget often, I even listen to the podcast, I run Linux (and not just on a PC!!! on a Mac (ubuntu), and even on a PocketPC which I flashed.... How's that for geek?)

Check out www.geekculture.com is the definitive geek site!

I am geekier than thou.... (my little image that goes with my posts is a picture of Geek God Steve Jobs from the Geek Culture cartoon series).

Anonymous said...

I only scored 1 (for running Linux - I have 5 Linux boxes in our house, sitting alongside Windows XP PCs using KVM to switch).
Mac OSX is based on FeeBSD, as far as I know. So it is not Linux, but it is a free version of Unix.
Also have an iMac, the one that looks like a lamp (sexy).
I am definitely a geek though, big time, ask anyone :-).
Good show.

Anonymous said...

FreeBSD, not FeeBSD. Oops.

Anonymous said...

hi fellas wat a ripper of a show yippeekaya!!!!!!! hehehe
p.s. I got 0 because im not a geek like you lol