Friday, August 05, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Everyone Does With A Camcorder

For those lucky enough to own a video camera we have a great list for you today which laughs at every mistake you've made since you brought it. Jim sent a very kind email to with his list of the ten things everyone does with a camcorder (or probably shouldn't) :-

  • 10 – Filming only your own kids
  • 9 – Leaving the date and time on
  • 8 – Zooming in and out
  • 7 – Filming anything and everything
  • 6 – Digital effects
  • 5 – Making a 'pop video'
  • 4 – Filming the dog
  • 3 - Telling your girlfriend "Its just for us to watch..."
  • 2 – Disappearing effect
  • 1 – Playing a funny clip 20 times in a row until it isn't funny
We mention Mikes 6620 West Podcast at the beginning of the show - head on over to for more details. We'd also like to point you to Jim's blogs podcasts and


micmacblog said...

I havent even heard it yet but had to cheat and glance for only a second at nuuuuuuummmmmbbberrrr

3 .....caaaant stooop laaaughin...

sam smith said...

like the rewriten song at the beggining! mr micheal's going to be getting his lawyers on you :) .

Jim said...

This show had the absolute best intro yet.

mark - tartanpodcast said...

great new logo...Jon's creation?

PH said...

Loved the show.
The new bag'o'lists feature is starting to grow on me, innovative/creative touch.
Hope you guys don't forget the joker and the gold-card completely, still like those too.
Ordered a bunch of headsets so our family can all skype, plus maybe do some audio on MP3 to send in (stay tuned, so to speak).

Anonymous said...

the intro was awesome

ed, vancouver said...

cool new logo

ed, vancouver said...

cool new logo

PH said...

Does Ed from Vancouver really really like the new logo? Or is the a glitch in the Matrix?

Anonymous said...

You see ph, us canadians hardly have an opinion. so when we do voice a point of veiw we make it very clear to compensate for our blandness.

JH said...

Thanks for clarifying that for us!

Al said...

Jon it is only fair that you get chocolate for all us.

Anonymous said...

Al, you obviously have never tasted israeli chocolate. honestly, you're better off never finding out.

however i discovered wonka bars on friday. lovely. nutty, but no nuts. won't kill rob. lovely.


Anonymous said...

why was there no TOTP yesterday

Top Of The Pods said...

We'll be recording for ya'll tonight, including the Lucky Listener List Bag, the Joker and Gold cards along with yet another new feature - the 6620 West Podcast Word of the Day.

Stay subscribed kids, winners don't do drugs, never accept puppies from strangers and vote for us on


Anonymous said...

Oh no, what have you guys gotten up to now? Remember, it's u-GENE, not Ujene.