Monday, August 15, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten James Bond Movies

Adam from Australia has already sparked a massive row on the show with his list of the top ten Bond Movies. Just email to join in with the debate, we think we got a few Bond facts slightly wrong in todays show:-

  • 10 – Dr. No -Sean Connery
  • 9 – Diamonds Are Forever - Sean Connery
  • 8 – A View To A Kill - Roger Moore
  • 7 – For Your Eyes Only - Roger Moore
  • 6 – Die Another Day - Pierce Brosnan
  • 5 – On Her Majesty's Secret Service - George Lazenby
  • 4 – Goldeneye - Pierce Brosnan
  • 3 - The Man With The Golden Gun - Roger Moore
  • 2 – The Spy Who Loved Me - Roger Moore
  • 1 – Goldfinger - Sean Connery


edzeppelin said...

Die another day=worst JB
Her majestys secret service was the best.

edzeppelin said...

for your eyes only had a really good bond girl

edzeppelin said...

hed of top pots


hoped of potts

(this is the government agency no one knows about)

dept. (of) hoof opts

PS. Jh, well done on cuting and pasting from

Anonymous said...

a new podcast? what could that be? as long as you dont stop doing this ;).

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you passed up the opportunity to play my appallingly bad Shir Sean Connery audio impression to complement your appallingly poor Bond knowledge ;-)

And cheer up Rob old chap - if someone who owns a lady's car can't laugh at themselves, there's no hope left in the world !!!

Anonymous said...

Top Of The Pods = To poo shed? Pft.

On her Majesty's...was the worst Bond film, by far.

Anonymous said...


I thought Brosnon was okay, but maybe that was because he followed Timothy Dolton (who was pretty rubbish). Dimonds are Forever was my favourite when I was a kid but I didn't get some of the jokes - like:

Woman: "Do you like red heads Mr. Bond?"
Bond: "Only if the collars and cuffs match"

I saw it again a few years ago and I can understand why my dad had trouble explaining it. That's one of the things about Bond films it's a thing that works fr both kids and their patents.

Anway great show - what else have you guys got planned?


p.s. The map below is something to be pleased with I think - so many different places

Anonymous said...

The best so far if I say so myself

Shed Of Top Pot

NOT from an Anagram generator I hasten to add

Anonymous said...

I thought Timothy Dalton was the best James Bond. Had the harder grittier edge that Sean Connery tried out in Dr No.
Tim fits Flemings vision perfectly. Roger Moore was too camp even though he seems to be the favourite as he was the Bond that many of us grew up with.

If I have one gripe with your show it is that it comes over that you do no research. How hard is it to quickly google some of the items on your list and write some better notes. It would certainly make the shows more interesting, and cut down on the amount of waffling ad-libbing that you do to pad out the show.

The shows have the potential to be really good, but at the moment the shows are average.

Anonymous said...

Griff - I take the mick out of Ron and Jon for their apparent lack of general knowledge, but it's really just a bit of leg-pulling (which I think they've realised, even though they mentioned on a show that I called them stupid, which I didn't !!)

The fun of the show comes from the off-the-cuff banter, the mistakes, the waffle, the arguments over who's right. If it was all researched beforehand, imagine how dull it would be. It'd be like reading the news or listening to paint dry.

And give the guys a break - they do this off their own back in their spare time. They do have jobs and Jon is a father-of-one ;-) which is quite draining (I know from experience). They aren't broadcasting professionals - they're hobbyists who allow us to share their little hobby with them. Heck, they're not even sponsored so it's costing THEM and not us.

If you want slick professionalism, listen to normal radio where it's a business and a full-time occupation.

I'd rather get my laughs here with the boys I mean, who else would think Tel Aviv was in Spain (apart from Jade Goody, who I suspect is Jon's secret sister ;-D ) Heh heh !

Top Of The Pods said...

Just for the record, I know where Tel Aviv is. I was there 2 weeks ago. Rob is the spanner who'd geography is appauling.

He bought sat nav the other day so he can get to work. He's only been working where he is for like 4 years - you'd think he would know where it is by now.

Jon: Hey Rob, where is New York?
Rob: Oh, that's in Australia isn't it?
Jon: Erm. No. That's frightening.
Rob: Hang on let me get my satnav out.....


Anonymous said...

Oops - sorry Jon. Slip of the fingers. I know that the Ka-driving lady who gets lost was at fault there with Tel Aviv.

Top Of The Pods said...

I notice whenever I people-watch listeners to radio or watchers of TV that the most powerful reaction is when the presenter gets something wrong the listener has to get the correction off their chest as soon as possible. So we'll either get that reaction via email, or if a couple of people are listening together it'll spark a debate.

Thats the main reason we'll throw one or two mistakes in there, and it seems to have had the desired effect - we get great audience participation.

I did honestly think it was in Spain by the way...