Thursday, August 04, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Pranks

One of our younger listeners, Jeannie (11) from New York emailed with her list of the top ten pranks. Todays show also features Rick Astley and the worlds first romantic request ever heard in a podcast:-

  • 10 – Crank calls
  • 9 – Flip lights on and off
  • 8 – Pantsing
  • 7 – Finger in warm water
  • 6 – Turn on TV at full volume
  • 5 – Switch wine with vinegar
  • 4 – Olive oil
  • 3 - Hide wasbi or hot pepper
  • 2 – Set the scale two pounds up
  • 1 – Cellophane over the toilet bowl


Vic And Kelso said...

Pantsing is pulling someones pants down!!! just so u kno!!!!!

JH said...

Wasabi (wa-SAH-bee), guys, is a very hot japanese horseradish served with sushi. Not a former flying stinging insect.

Welcome back, Jon!

ed, vancouver said...

Yeah, here in Vancouver we have many japenese people and also much wasabi. As far as im concern its the best thing to come out of japan since the question mark.

PH said...

Welcome back, Jon!

Great show, the usual Rob & Jon magic.
Surprised you guys did not know what Pantsing or Wasabi were (was-a-bee...funny).
Sorry, though, Jon...Home Alone is absolute pants, have to agree with Rob on that one.
(It's a kid movie, good for kids to watch, not much else)
Probably not as pants as Hudson Hawk though.
HH is my gold standard for pants movies.
If I buy a DVD and it is worse than Hudson Hawk, I get rid of it any way I can.
Seen HH twice, might have to watch it again some day to refresh my pants-o-meter.

sam smith said...

your giving the children ideas boys....

Paul, USA said...

Of course "Home Alone" is rubbish. It's a steaming pile of fetid donkey droppings. I'm disappointed in you, Jon.

Top Of The Pods said...

Sorry, I love Home Alone I & II. And I am not afraid to admit it.

My favourite film is the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I haven't seen the new one yet, but I will.

Knackers to all you Home Alone haters.


Anonymous said...

Wanna make your iPod louder Jon? I'm not sure it will work with your older iPod but there are freeware programs to disable the sound limiter. I know it works on my 4G iPod but I'm not sure the sound was limited on the first generation ones but it's worth a google right?

Grant said...

Having listened to a few glaring holes in your general knowledge being exposed to the listening public over the last x shows, I reckon you two should do a show entitled "The Top Ten Of Jon and Rob's Woeful Lack Of General Knowledge" and repeat all the things you never knew at the time ;-) Or maybe call it "Top Ten Easy General Knowledge Questions that we'd get wrong on Millionaire"....

Top Of The Pods said...

We get it wrong on purpose to encourage people to argue with us. Thats our excuse for being stupid and we are sticking to it...

I did some research into Home Alone and it really does officially suck.


Grant said...

Home Alone sucks big time unless you're under the age of 8. Just goes to show what Jon's mental age is ;-)

Top Of The Pods said...

I have a phd in pure mathematics and a masters in quantum physics.

Home Alone is quality.

Sod the lot of you.


Mark said...

Well i agree with Jon, Home Alone is good... He's also right in that 3 was bad because it had a different little reject in it, and it was gawd awful...


B said...

I gotta back jonnyboy up here and say Home Alone is a top movie.

Bazza said...

I like Home Alone as well, watched it a number of times.