Tuesday, August 02, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Hate About Tabloids

Jon, father of one, is sunning himself on holiday at the moment while the Top of the Pods studio sits silently in the cold. But fear not, Mark from http://www.tartanpodcast.com is helping fill Jons sandals for the duration of is absence. Mark brings you his own list of the top ten things he hates about the tabloid newspapers:-

  • 10 – Tabloids that think they're broadsheets
  • 9 – Free CD's
  • 8 – Token giveaways
  • 7 – Their sources
  • 6 – Agony Aunts
  • 5 – Right-wing politics and heavy-handed journalism
  • 4 – Page 3
  • 3 - Sports pages
  • 2 – Tabloid headlines
  • 1 – Celebrity overload

We mentioned at the end of the show about how to vote for Top of the Pods at Podcast Alley, but did you know you can vote for multiple podcasts - so why not vote for Mark at Podcast Alley too for missing valuable drinking time and helping do a great job with the show?

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Anonymous said...

people who read page 3 just can't admit to themselves that they really want a porno mag.

Anonymous said...

item 9 should be higher (lower?) up.

those damn free CD's meant i had to listen to 70's music very loudly every bloody saturday!

one of the reasons i had to leave the family nest.

steppenwolf and meatloaf can f**k right off!!

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with Page 3? It's a pair of tits... not really a big deal there to be honest...


Top Of The Pods said...

Too right Mark! A pair of tits in the media on a daily basis? We seem to get away with it...


Anonymous said...

LOL... Exactly... I really can't see why Page 3 is such a bad thing. 'You buy the news paper for news' You buy Tabloids for news Mark? Don't want to look at the tits... don't. You know where it is, so miss it out.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating show today. I guess British tabloids are pretty infamous worldwide. I wonder how different they are from their American counterparts...

By the way, I think tabloids are not just distinguished by their smaller size. Where I come from, there is a Chinese-language tabloid that is broadsheet-size, and a free daily which is tabloid-size but carries broadsheet-style content. Yep. Go figure.

I guess it's really down to a matter of content, and I'm thanking TPTB that tabloids in Singapore are limited to dramatic human interest stories and the slightly less saucy celebrity news.

Ditto about the sports pages though. Way too much space devoted to football.

- Hwei Shan

Anonymous said...

top show yet again! the jingles are now fuly inbedded in my brain!

also, mark's advertising has now introduced me to the tartanpodcast, which is great!

podcastpaul said...

...two guys and they do a top 10 of...whatever, so have a listen to this.....

The woman who says "top 10" sounds like she has a cleft pallet.

Anonymous said...

As far as tabloids in the US, yep, we've got 'em. National Enquirer is the only one I know the name of, but there are a bunch, and it's true, Fox News is the biggest one. I thought they were pretty rotten until I visited the UK in November of 2000, quite an interesting time for two Americans to be overseas! Of course the tabloids then were full of stuff about our election, much of it sadly true, but I saw enough to realize the rags in the US are amateurs by comparison.

Who knew Mark had such a great smart*ss (I guess you'd say cheeky) sense of humour? Quite a treat! The three of you together would be most interesting...

Anonymous said...

Y'know, I have to admit. I'd love to see the page 3 photos that the cute little Scottish host of "Changing Rooms" posed for.