Wednesday, September 21, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten British Films Of All Time

The wonderful Billy knows his movies - he has kindly compiled his list of the greatest British films of all time. We've been racking our brains trying to work out which ones we have missed out - share with everyone on our comments board what you think the best British films were:-

  • 10 - The 39 Steps
  • 9 - Trainspotting
  • 8 - The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and her Lover
  • 7 - If....
  • 6 - Don't Look Now
  • 5 - Withnail and I
  • 4 - The Ipcress File
  • 3 - Scum
  • 2 - Brief Encounter
  • 1 - The Third Man
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Anonymous said...

Quality list. Rob, you must watch The Third Man, my favourite movie of all time. It's no. 43 on the IMDB top 250 which isn't bad for a small British film made in 1949.

The best film missing from the list - Monty Python's Life of Brian.

Also Robert Powell is a proper film star, he was also in the Italian Job after all. Although his 39 steps remake was made in 1978 - hardly recent. But he did do a TV series in the late 80's called Hannay which was also based on the Buchan novel

Anonymous said...

You have to watch the Third Man and Brief Encounter! When I become supremee overlord it will be compulsory, so you might as well get cracking now.... ;-)


Anonymous said...

I may also become simply "supreme" overlord, though I may make the extra "e" compulsory also to cover my error..... ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'd say The Ladykillers (Alec Guinness etc) ought to be up there with the best of them - the old Ealing comedies may belong to a long bygone age, but some of them were real crackers, like Passport to Pimlico - anyone remember that one?

Anonymous said...

5 Films with twists

5. Beautiful mind
4. unbreakable
3. sixth sense
2. usual suspects

PH said...

Bryan from Greece, yes, remember both (showing our age here a bit). Passport to Pimlico was where they declared independence from Britain, right? Novel concept :-).

Anonymous said...

ph, yes, if I remember rightly, an old legal document turned up which showed that Pimlico was, in effect, an autonomous state, so they set up border customs checks, a government and everything, and so the rest of Britain decided to put a trade embargo on Pimlico and it went from being a paradise (no taxes on alcohol hehe)to being a nightmare place to live (no alcohol!)...

Anonymous said...

You missed SAW off your list Ed. Quality twist in that film my friend!

Steve said...

Robert Powell - was he more Jesus than Jesus

Bazza said...

Out of those, I've only seen Trainspotting and Scum.

A good recent British film, I think it's British, is Creep starring Franka Potente (Run Lola Run).

The Others is a good film with a twist.

sparetomato said...

Another film with a twist:

The Empire Strikes Back

(OK, it's not as surprising nowadays, but if you've lived in a bucket for the last 25 years then it would be a surprise - but then again, the twist in Fight Club is also as well known nowadays)