Tuesday, September 27, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Japanese Animes

We are so sorry for our total lack of knowledge with Animes, we would especially like to say sorry to Ninereeds for the top ten list that was sent to topofthepods@gmail.com as we made a real mess of todays show:-

  • 10 - Cardcaptor Sakura
  • 9 - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  • 8 - Magical Canan
  • 7 - Genesis of Aquarion
  • 6 - Pretty Cure
  • 5 - UFO Princess Valkyrie
  • 4 - Gundam Seed Destiny
  • 3 - Rockman EXE
  • 2 - Final Fantasy Unlimited
  • 1 - Azumanga Daioh
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Bazza said...

LOL now that was funny, very nicely done. I know next to nothing about anime either.

BTW Jon, John Deere is one of our customers at work, we supply them with headlights.

Looking forward to the script tomorrow. :)

JH said...

Gundams =

Mud Nags
Dam Guns
Mad Gnus (friends of the mad cows)

JH said...

Great show! I liked "Spirited Away" and the other films by that guy, but don't know much about anime beyond that.

Another script? Yes please!

Top Of The Pods said...

There was a comment here a minute ago that I have deleted as it was a link to a dating site which I am not sure is a) appropriate and b) probably somewhat malicious in it's intent.

We do try to look after the comments board, so if you notice anything dodgy, drop us a mail...

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Bazza said...

Here is something for those bored at work. :D http://www.jesusdressup.com

(Not for religious types who are easily offended.)

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

ordered my Xmas pressies from firebox today! (organised, moi?)

helping the helicopter fund....

Top Of The Pods said...

My poor helicopter, will i ever see it?

neroribena said...

i'm going to order something from firebox for someone in the UK (as postage to out here is about 38 pounds for an item - ouch!).
I hope I can help out by being one of the 5 you need for the helicopter!

I want to hear of you out of your misery!

- Chrissie

Ro said...

Jon, Rob.
To set the record straight, I am NOT ninereeds, however I do know my Anime/Manga.
Anime is one style, Manga is another - Akira for instanace is Manga, as Pokemon is Anime.
Hentai on the other hand is the animated japanese porn you mentioned. Both stylings Anime and Manga are made Hentai, the artists I am sure are involved as I have seen the odd clip or two of Anime characters (Battle Angel Evangelion in particular), doing things to one another.

Sam Smith said...

i have no idea about anime, but that was an hilarious show! seems the more clueless ones are funnier! johns katate voices :)

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

you'll have to buy another airzooka & then you'll be closer to the hellicopter...(might be counter-productive in monetary terms though!)

but i think this is cooler:

& they don't pay me to say that!

Sam Smith said...

that camera looks VERY breakable, but thats soo cool! great to spy with....

Grant - Three From Leith said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bazza said...

I thought my helicopter was knackered today. The gears started makes a horrible grinding noise, then one of the gear wheel fell of completely, the body was spinning around at about the same speed as the rotor but in the opposite direction.

I've managed to repair it though, it was just a gear wheel pin that had come out. Only problem is I had to cut open the plastic housing as it's seal and I'm not too sure how I'm going to re-attach it. It works without it but it looks a bit silly.

Top Of The Pods said...

Sorry folkes, no show tonight - its been recorded but I'm feeling too ill to stay up and edit it, then wait for 30 minutes to upload it, then another 30 minutes to enter in show notes - I need sleep! I'll get up early tomorrow and sort something out, if you wanna hear a cool podcast might I suggest the Small Fry Podcast - http://smallfrypodcast.libsyn.com - some great tunes and a great presenter.


Anonymous said...

oh my, that was a weird set of anime to put in a list. Except for Azumanga Daioh (Azu-manga Day-oh) coz that kicks ass. Be assured that they are all real anime but in my opinion they aren't really well known ones. perhaps an Akira or Spirited away in there would have made for more interesting conversation.

Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, Rob!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Jonathan. The John Deere is a fine tractor indeed. Growing up on an orange ranch in California; a John Deere was the first vehicle on which I learned to drive. Looking forward to the "Farming Weekly Podcast with Jonathan".

Feel better soon, Rob, the day is not complete without a top ten list!

Sam Smith said...

take some calpol rob, you will feel much better :).

Anonymous said...

Heh. I think manga is actually the Japanese comic in printed format. Anime is (no prizes for guessing) the animated manga.

I don't watch that much of it myself, but I quite like Inuyasha, Full Metal Panic, and one shorter one called Last Exile. Lovely stuff.

Hope you're feeling better, Rob!

Sakamoto Yumi said...

Just so you know, Gundam is not an anagram. I have a friend obsessed with the show who told me so. Apparantly its some sort of costumey thing. Like a fighting suit or something or other.