Tuesday, September 20, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Criminally Snubbed Comedians

The very kind and helpful Sir Paul Hutchinson noted the Jon and Rob totally ignored some comedians in previous comedy lists, so he sent us his Top Ten comedians that 'should have been' (the fact that half of them haven't been heard of in the UK has nothing to do with it...) :-

  • 10 - Bill Cosby
  • 9 - Jim Carrey
  • 8 - Mike Myers
  • 7 - Jamie Foxx
  • 6 - Lewis Black
  • 5 - Ray Romano
  • 4 - Jeff Foxworthy
  • 3 - Robin Williams
  • 2 - Jon Stewart
  • 1 - Chris Rock
We'd like to thank Paul for all his hard work helping out with bits and bobs for the Top of the Pods podcast, send your lists to topofthepods@gmail.com if you can think of some really original, entertaining and thought provoking content.


PH said...

Haven't listened to it yet, but I wanted to be the first to post. Cool! Now I know what it feels like to get a list done as a show. :-) Made my day. Cool!

Tarek said...

Ok - I listened to it - Brilliant! Except they're English and don't know anything about SNL, HBO, SCTV or any north american comedy outlet.

JH said...

Not fair to move list items because you're too lazy to click on the links Paul sent you...

PH said...

Awesome! Loved it. Glad you know about Chris Rock, at least. He rocks! :-)
The list was meant to be about those comedians you did not recognise in your own list, so it was bound to include people who you were unfamiliar with. You made a great show out of it. I am officially 'well chuffed'. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great show you guys. My top american comedy shows:
5: simpsons
4:dave chappele show
3: futurama
2: Family guy
1: daily show

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

SNL is saturday Night Live BTW (by the way) :-)

Bazza said...

Good show. Thanks for the mention re the helicopter. :)