Tuesday, September 06, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Inventions We Should Have By Now

Judith from Gettysburg has so kindly produced this list (we've been sitting on it for months waiting for the right moment) - its those inventions we should have, but don't yet. If you like, you can be like Judith and email us your lists of topofthepods@gmail.com and we'll read it out to fellow listeners:-

  • 10 – Videophones
  • 9 – Kitchens of the future
  • 8 – Moon and space colony
  • 7 – Transporters
  • 6 – Jet packs
  • 5 – Replicators
  • 4 – World peace
  • 3 - Miraculous medical advances
  • 2 – Robot maids
  • 1 – Flying cars
Oh, did we plug www.firebox.com enough? They sell gadgets you know, and if you buy from them be sure to mention this show.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same concept as "things they need to make"

Top Of The Pods said...

judith sent hers in before we even did 'things we should have' - its just sheer lateness with the listener list backlog.



Anonymous said...

well - concerning the same concept - probably any other show (TV, radio whatsoever) has the same topic each week - Top of the Pops - each week the top 10 songs - so just let's say the times are changing and with this opinions :-) (and probably Rob and Jon are in contact with MI5, CIA, FBI, MIT and the queen and maybe know that the items of the first list are already existing - the government just wouldn't tell us)

Anonymous said...

If you use Google Desktop or other text-only rss reader and subscribe to their feed as well as using your usual podcasting client it means you can see the latest shows get released there too, if you know what I'm saying... (i think it might have a positive effect on their feedburner stats).

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't an automated kitchen take all the fun out of making a meal? I enjoy whipping up a stonking vindaloo just as much as I enjoy watching my friend's faces as they eat it :-)

Yet another great show lads and, just like everyone else who has commented, 30 minutes plus is grand for me too (as the Bishop said to the actress...)

Anonymous said...

Hmm,have teleportation work via Infrared?

You'd get transported a metre and it'd take hours to send you, but your mobile phone could probably do it.

Or bluetooth teleporting, I'd like to see Rob's face when that comes about.

Nice show guys, and I reckon the length of show doesn't matter - the genius of podcasting is any show can be paused, and picked up again later.

I thought top ten screwheads would be the non-PC top ten mad people...darn!

Anonymous said...

I <3 this podcast!