Thursday, September 22, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Songs Considered Worthy Endings To A Night Of Drunkeness

James knows how to annoy his neighbours in Gloucester after a few too many beers, he sent us his list of the ten songs that make the perfect ending to an beer fuelled evening:-

  • 10 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Various/Hymn
  • 9 - Don't Stop Me Know - Queen
  • 8 - You'll Never Walk Alone - Righteous Brothers - and other artists
  • 7 - Nothing Compares To You - Sinead O'Connor
  • 6 - Yesterday - Beatles
  • 5 - We Are The Champions - Queen
  • 4 - Robbie Williams - Angels
  • 3 - Hey Jude - Beatles
  • 2 - Wonderwall - Oasis
  • 1 - Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Mark from the Tartan Podcast took advantage of entering his email address into to receive five pounds off his purchase of some Thinking Putty. After just 24 hours he received his great Firebox toy and took some photos which you can see on his flickr page - if you are the first person to video or photograph a new item on the Firebox site they'll send you another £10 gift voucher too. How cool?

No show tomorrow, but back soon with more top ten lists. Have a good weekend everyone, feel free to skype us at topofthepods.


Bazza said...

I'm now three shows behind, but I thought I mention that I've got my helicopter from firebox and attempted to fly it. It's reasonably easy to fly, I can take off, hover in one place and land fairly well, I have crashed it a few times though. Although it looks fragile, it's surprisely resist to damage.

The downsides are, you can only fly it inside and the battery only gives about 5 minutes flight time before it needs recharging.

It is very cool, I'm glad I got it. :)

PH said...

Hugh, Jew, Barney, McGrew! Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub!!

Tartan Codpiece?!?!?!

'Nuff said.

JH said...

Tartan codpiece... is that what a Scotsman wears under his kilt? Just wondering.

Jew or Hugh was quite good.

Thanks for another fun show!

Anonymous said...

You cheeky bu****s. I think you are at level 20.

I loved the idea of the Tartan Codpiece, think this ought to be on Cafepress, "...the codpiece embalzoned with your podcasts logo has a handy pouch on the front to hold your ipod snugly..."

Will probably lead to arrests for adjusting the volume :-)

michael's nervous said...

Don't like Queen OR the Beatles? You're going to be disowned by your country. Besides Radiohead, who do you like? You've probably answered that question on a previous cod piece... Great show.

Bazza said...

Excellent show. Loved the Hugh or Jew feature, you should do more of those, but different each time like..
Horse or Sauce..
Cat or Hat..
Hit or Sh... well anyway you get the idea. ;)

GeigerJ said...

Funny show again, although these songs are all way to british for us in the states. besides, i really don't think we sing songs after a night of drinking...we usually are too busy "handlin' the ladies" to think much about singing Queen or Prince....

I agree about the sound being off. It's a bit quiet, maybe turn it up a little...

I really like the new jingles you made, rob. especially the Number 3 jingle. Really creative.

Last thing...Where is Tony Franzipan's new posts? Is he shooting a movie? Also, H&E, what's up cowboys? Are you in Tony's movie and can't get to your blog???

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

you should also consider trying to get a voucher from I want one of those (, a great gadget site
they have mini airzookas! although maybe loving mini versions of stuff is a girl thing... x

Bren said...

Great list as usual - love the Hugh or Jew game. I was listening with headphones and laughing out loud. The family didn't quite know what to make of it. I'm pretty sure that "You'll never walk alone" was Jerry and the Pacemakers tho..

Bazza said...

Everyone should get one of those helicopters, they're great. I've pretty much got the hang of basic flying now. I can take off from the floor and land it on the kitchen table. :D

Bazza said...

I've just ordered my Airzooka. :D

Anonymous said...

Airzooka = Fun!

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Where have Rob & Jon gone ?!

I'm having TOTP withdrawal symptoms. I need my nightly fix of hilarity or else I'll go MAD.......

Wibble. Pfweeep. Flobadob. Aroooga.

Oops - too late ;-)

Top Of The Pods said...

Back today, all up and running!


Anonymous said...

Man, you guys had me in stitches over the tartan codpiece.

Overall great show. Some songs i agreed with others i didn't.

where was that - don't wanna miss a thing song by aerosmith?? its kinda on par with the singing the high bit out of key with robbie william's angels. top stuff when done in a big group. :-D

Anonymous said...

oh and i LOVED the Hugh/Jew section. :) quizlets like that are very enjoyable.

if you were ever to do the skype call thing with a quiz like that - i'd be up for attempting to answer!