Monday, September 12, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons To Come To Podcastcon

Podcast Paul from is likely to join forces with Mark from to sue us guys after todays show. Here at ten great reasons to visit Berners Hotel on Oxford Street in London on September the 17th:-

  • 10 - It promotes podcasting and raises interest
  • 9 - You can have a beer an a curry afterwards
  • 8 - You have something to look forward to
  • 7 - You get a break from the Mrs and kids
  • 6 - You’ll learn a whole load more about podcasting
  • 5 - You can be a geek in company and not worry about it
  • 4 - You get a cracking day out in London for £30
  • 3 - You get to see what your podcasting mates (and listeners) are like
  • 2 - You can be part of history by saying you were there RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING
  • 1 - You get to meet the podcasters - including the excellent John & Rob!
For more details about Podcastcon please visit


Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm going to be boring and old. I don't like the new jingles as much as the other ones. I enjoyed the melodic harmony of the previous jingles.

Anonymous said...

what a website!! Lets get the counter high!!!

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

i like the new jingles, esp the intro...I got fed up of that "there's these 2 blokes, right..." & was fast forwarding it!

Anonymous said...

Nice jingles , and good list. Good start to the show with The Jam :-)
Dont worry about the show time Rob. An Idea that you could do at Podcastcon, is to record people saying "Tops of the Pods" etc and play the good ones during the show.
Thanks Rob n Jon

Anonymous said...

Darnit, what a day for my iPod to break!

Not only does Scott Sigler's Ancestor podiobook start coming out, but I miss the new jingles too.


Anonymous said...

I love the new jingles, especially the introduction featuring the King of Music Podcast, Mark Hunter Esq, the much maligned alleged alcoholic.

He's a top bloke and I can't wait to get his autograph at the conference this saturday.

Grant - Three From Leith said...

I'm in two minds about the jingles, but then again I'm very set in my ways and I'm a swine to shift into accepting change !

I'm sure they'll grow on me. Doing my own podcast now means I appreciate the hard work that's gone into creating them - well done Rob.

Why not create another few using Jon's hiccupped speech ;-)